Titan chests - Unique Items

Hello my friend @CaptainMorgan   , I need some help.
There was an update with increasing percentage of finding rare items, after this update I have opened about 20 to 22 titans chests and none of them I have not won any single item, my friends have already found more than two items already.
From the amount of Titan trunks I’ve opened, my percentage of finding any item from this was to be very high … Please ask for help as I’m getting discouraged.

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@Mgh15 according to the rules specified here 

We can calculate the following. In the best case scenario, your chances to get a unique at this point are: 2% (base chance) + 10.8 = 12.8% to find a unique. Is it very high? Nope, it is not! The random chances work extraordinary weird in OR and although my estimate to date is 25 titan chests opened in a sequence (to give you a unique with a 65% chance, statistical research based on my clan though, so sample is crap and unreliable), you never know when it would proc. So far I found 8 unique, two of which are duplicates (induction to the club of annoyed chest openers?), so the one thing I say is: keep trying. Also, in real life you probably have not opened 22 sea/war chests, so your chances are actually much lower than 10.8. Probably they are around 6 or 7.

@Infamous But from what I understand, the percentage increases now with the opening of all kinds of titan chest, right ?!
I have 2 unique items, so my bad luck is repeated and I won them long before the percentage increase.
The total of the 22 chests is related (maritime, ascension, titan journals and titan points), so as long as the highest percentage of finding these items in the maritime chests, let’s say my percentage is in the first average you spoke.
A friend of mine and fellow of the alliance, encased 2 unique items in a row, then looking at the percentage point, what does it differ or privileges?
In addition to another friend of mine, who also easily finds the unique items.
In this way, it does not appear that the update has this balance based on the percentage of chests openings.

Yes, your actual percentage for the item to he unique now is 12.8%. Now, this is still 12.8  chance. In simple probability, at this point one out of ten chests is guaranteed to give you a unique. One out of ten. So open ten more and you should technically get one unique. Now, in real life the probability is more like 18 chests are guaranteed to give you a unique. Your friends have the same chances, roughly one out of twenty, thirty or hundred chests is guaranteed to give them an item. They may get it early though, the random generator kind of “rolls a dice” for you and if the number is, lets say, within the % range of success - voila, you get a titan item. You are  not guaranteed  to get it before you pen the minimum amount of chests your percentage corresponds to, but you  can  get them. So there is  nothing that descriminates against you, all these conspiracy theories are like believing in illuminati running the the world.  There is a simple thing, as dumpster mentioned before, called shit luck and you are the unfortunate person subjected to it.

I’m happy, I’m quiet, but I’m a detailist and I charge for it!
I do not say anything based on comments from others with the same problem as mine, I only question this imbalance with the opening, in addition to this update also say correct the problem of restarting the game when I opened the titan chest, another friend of mine from the alliance lost a single item because the game restarted when I opened the chest.
Conspiracy Theories is a bleff for those who want to have visibility, I do not see my case that way, even because I follow the forum but I am one of the least annoying here …

The amount of time ive seen the words “privilege” and such used to question “fg prioritizing some over the others” is insane, and my goal here is to explain the sheet ambiquity of such to everyone claiming it. Maybe it is just the wording you used, but it is great that you are not the type to believe in those, as usually the unique complainers all come up with this “brilliant” idea. I hope the explanation I pulled up is enough to suffice your urge for details, which is completely justified and should indeed be adressed. It is all about simple probabilities, thats it. No imbalance or predetermined bias from fg. 

Now, if you believe the system is still flawed, please submit your view of fixing it. We are all different after all and I dont want to ignore any opinions, as long as they are not inherently biased. As for the chest disconnection issue, your friends can try submitting a support ticket or posting in one of the disconnection threads, pinging Morgan. I am sure he will deal with the issue faster and better than support in a given case.

@Infamous, i want to win the lotto today. Make it happen, ok?


I understand your explanation, I’ll be watching my percentage.

I appreciate the support and if you misunderstand me, I apologize, because it was not the intention.

@dumpster If this was somehow sarcasm on your part for my explanation, I am an adult, so refrain only from arguing in an adult way.

Getting unique items is random luck. And you have 2 already, so you’re better off than some people. 

I’m not better than anyone, I’m only trying to be better than myself, one day after another.

I don’t believe its 12% for a unique item. I’ve prob opened easily over 30 titan chests since starting this game and I’ve only ever got one unique item. Also in a full alliance of 30+ members all of whom get titan chests regularly, and I can tell you there are not notifications that often for unique items…when in reality 1in8 should contain… 

I actually believe its about 2% but with no additional modifier, that fits more with the findings over several months. The % should be increased prob to a ‘true’ 15-20%…or a build in bad luck modifier for every time you don’t get lucky, you next box has slightly higher chance…



as above somebody claimed it was 12%+ which is why I commented, as it clearly wasnt anywhere near. Thanks for the ‘real’ stats. Wont be doing high lvl oddessy for such a low %!

The base chance is 1% in  a titan chest and 3% in a titan sea chest.

Since the update last fall you gain an additional 0.1% chance every time you open a titan chest (and don’t find a unique). So you have to open a whole lot before you get a 12% chance.

So yes, you’re correct, the base chance to get a unique is not 12%. Nobody ever claimed that it was.

Correction, base chance for the Sea chest, Hero Equipment Chest and Titan Horde Chest is 2%, the increase is 0.2% per any Titan item out of a regular chest and the increase is 0.4% per Titan item out of Sea chest, Hero Equipment chest and Titan Horde chest respectively.