Titan codes

How this has to done I mean where I HV to submit code …Facebook social sites or new frnds or in game itself and …what is the procedure I mean where to put the code given by some one …where this option is available


You can find information about the invitation system here:


You cannot enter a code if you are above level 10, or if you already entered one code.


Hello,my ign is Dejonius i need the detailed instructions step by step on how to link account with another player and where to do that please and where player can write my code in game to give me points or what happends if i would write his code,i mean will it give me or him the points and what is the diference when i link my account to his or when he link his account to mine.I read the whole answers list from the links of other players questions but did not find what i was loooking for so dont give me that link but fresh new answer if you can.i hope you understand the questions and by the way the game just got new looks and a new dimension of playing and i like it wery much great work folks.kind regards to Olympus team who made it all happend from Dejonius. 


Hey Dejonius,

In order to link, a new player needs to enter your code (a player under Ascension Level 10). Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Find a person who has not yet started Olympus Rising, or a current player who is under level 10 and has not yet entered a code from another player.

  2. Ensure that person reaches Ascension Level 5 (which is where they can first access the Titan Rewards screen).

  3. Give them your code.

  4. Have the player enter the Titan Rewards screen and type the code into the available “Enter Code” box. _ Note: this box is only visible if they have not already entered someone’s code, and are still under Ascension Level 10._

  5. You are now linked!

To answer other questions:

"What happens if I would write his code?"

Since you are over Ascension Level 10, you cannot enter another player’s code. The only way for you to link with other people is for them to enter your code.

"What is the difference when I link my account to him or he links to me?"

There is no difference, in both cases you will both be added to both players’ lists.

"Will it give me or him the points?"

You will both get points, one per day, every day the other player logs into the game. _ Note: you do not immediately get a point, the first point will be collectable after 24 hours._

Also it’s worth noting that you get 1 point per day just by checking the screen, even if you have not linked with anyone.


Hope that helps. Glad you enjoy the update. :slight_smile:

Thanks captain Morgan!!

that helps alot!

great update on the game!

good job!!! ??

 thanks for the explanatios Captain Morgan now i understand but this last line   Also it’s worth noting that you get 1 point per day just by checking the screen, even if you have not linked with anyone. does that mean i have to be in top 100 players to progres fast enough with their titan bonuses?



It simply means that wherever you are on the leaderboard (even if you’re in position 12,583) you can still earn 1 Titan Point per day.

Players who are in the top 100 get additional (more than 1) points per day.

Captain Morgan its all clear now,thanks for comprehensive explanation sir.

Olympus regards :slight_smile:

Very welcome, Dejonius.

You too, George6, glad you’re enjoying the changes. :slight_smile:

Please captin morgan i have question

I am level 6 and enterd other player code and then i removed it

When can i enter the code again

hi Captain, how long do I need to stay in top 10 in a day to get the additional 5 points?

an account can only enter code only ONCE. To link other accounts, you have to share your own code with the other new players

HI! =)

All titan chests after first one have to be paid with 500 gems? Because i just unlocked the second chest and it says 500 gems are needed to open it.


Hey Zeus01, you just need to be in the top 10 when you collect your points. So if you play your way back into the top 10, 23h 55m after you last collected, you can go and collect your extra points.

Does that mean that you have to check the screen to collect the points? Or do you automatically get them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You must check the screen to get the points. Checking the screen is like collecting them (you will see the numbers count up, and unlock any rewards you are due).


How do i know if someone is linked to my account? I’ve posted around 7-8 codes already, still nothing…The whole thing seems pointless…Is there anyone that has players linked to their account at all? 'Cause it’s not really worth paying 500 gems for a titan chest. 

Wonder how much Ajax will cost to unleash…???

Thx »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen, Officer