Titan cursed chests have old items!

well not sure if this is a bug or a known game feature either way it works bad so please solve it

recently i was unlocking some of those cursed titan chests as login rewards and doing tasks and all items had low stats clearly belonged to my lower lvls when chests were achieved maybe!!! well this is terrible

so to be able to get chests for my current lvl i have to do all those tasks unlock all those old chests to reach usable chests for my current lvl well meanwhile i wil probably lvl up and again would have titan chests which belonged to lower lvl

this is completely a terrible cycle happening, to be able to prevent this either items that come out of cursed chests shall belong to the lvl which they are uncursed not the lvl of which chests achieved, or well if you can’t implement this at least give me the option to skip/dump all these old chests rather than waiting 40 days which will make my current useful chests in queue also useless or doing tasks for old lvl items, it totally doesn’t make sense

thx @CaptainMorgan

Haven’t gained many levels lately so haven’t noticed this, but if this is the case I totally agree.  Since we have 60 days per chest, the likelihood of gaining a few levels, especially for low level players, is very high.  Chests should definitely be appropriate for the level they are opened, not acquired.

I had some cursed stored for 3 weeks, having suspected what HADES above, upon opening I obtained a unique (very lucky) which had quite low stats, and I  can forge it alot higher without lvling up ascension lvl.  Clearly from 4-5 lvls lower.  The rest was all low also.   So gonna open the rest as theyl all have old junk… Moral of the story, open cursed when you get them  :slightly_frowning_face:

Actually, I agree. The idea of assigning the “tier” of those items can be justified in the context of 1-week time limit to open those chests, yet since we are now given 60 days, it is only natural that the items should scale with our level when we hit “open” and not when we obtain the chest.

The cursed titan chest should be like in RR2. When you open them the items stats depending of your level at the moment you open it and not when you have acquire it. I have spend 25 gems to change the task and open a titan chest and I was disappointed to see the stuffs was old. Probably open it around 30 but the stats was for Ascension 10

So in future update or with just a server update maybe can be cool if the Titan Cursed chest can follow your Ascension level and specially at the moment you open it. If you have acquire it at Ascension 35 but open it at Ascension 45. I expect at the moment I open it to see stats for Ascension 45.