Titan Items

What’s wrong with my game i am not getting any uniques nor the better titan items … I am at lvl 125 and I am getting 72K shield are you guys kidding me? … 

Still there is no sign for uniques for me …forget it but atleast provide better items … I opened 4chest in a row none of the items were good?

Got 75K shield at lvl 124 and at lvl 125 getting 72K ??‍♂️WOW awsm shield

@NAPC While I don’t really have a similar experiences just yet, this post by CaptainMorgan may partially answer your concerns:

So, the reason may be that you are simply maxed on items for your current level. 

I got that point but base line at 125lvl is 79K shield then why i got 72K shield ? not only that but the items i get are nearly same to 121-123 lvl players

That’s outdated info in a lot of ways. It’s from before the equipment nerf and the big thing is that it’s from before forging. I think the issue now is that it’s cheap and easy right now to forge gold or even purple items that are as good or better than “native” titan items, and it makes titan chests really disappointing to open (minus the slim chance of getting a unique). I’ve been repeating myself a lot these past couple days, but this is one of my top 5 gripes with the game right now. The whole item economy is upside-down. It should be exciting to get a titan item that has a perk you want. Now it’s disappointing way more often than not because you’ve probably already forged gear that’s  WAY  better.

@dumpster yah it’s better to forge items then to wait and get it in titan chest … But then what’s the titan chest for.?? Is it just for gambling for uniques? … There should a separate chest that gives only unique item … Maybe on scoring more VP in war 80K or 85K … But new starters will have problem with that? . Don’t know why FG wants the unique to be hard to get whats the problem if everyone gets it? 

I know only one thing that i am not a lucky guy so i won’t be getting uniques 100%? … I am happy in getting better titan items just fix that for me nothing else…

No, titan chests are completely devalued right now other than having a chance to get a unique. Cursed titan items are the least valuable commodity in the game currently.

True… And why does blessed chest even exist.??? not even a new starters keeps that items 

Interesting, in what ways? Unless I overlooked something, the nerf concerned the stats of items and not the distribution probabilities or levels, same in terms of forging. So unless that was changed, the info is perfectly up to date given the deviation due to the factors you mentioned (forging, nerf), which really concern individual items. And forging is based on initial stats anyway with each item having the hard-cap beyond which it cannot be forged (stat-wise they are not scalable), regardless what kind of stuff is sacrificed. I ran into the same kind of titan chest problem recently after opening 12 chests (titan) for Perseus in a few hours. The final 3 and the other 5 that followed  in a few days dropped crap that wasn’t even comparable to the unforged items I had on him, not to mention the forged ones. Hence, while the forge system did indeed shift the priorities downwards, meaning green items essentially become way more potent than the titan ones, the overarching kind of idea persists on the basic level still. At least for my level, that is.

With that said, the fact that it is not necessarily the case here is now rather apparent, to which I concur, but that doesnt seem to outdate the info (to me). Thats more of a “not relevant in the particular case” kind of scenario. Unless I am missing something here again (perfectly possible) and it would be great if you can tell what (cause I obviously wasn’t here when things happened and forums do suck utterly when it comes to “archival work”) that is.

You’re next to impossible to read. Sorry. 

Fair enough. I’ll try to make it simpler here as I do tend to make stuff overly complicated. The way I see things is: Item nerf only nerfed the stats of items. The post I quoted is talking about probabilities of getting individual items, as some items are naturally stronger than the others. The stats were lowered for all items, and the chances of getting them were not changed. So the thing above is not outdated, it still works the same way as it did back then. The only thing that changed, as you mentioned, is the forging system, that makes any forged green item better than your standard-issue titans (even if you forge them). This still doesn’t make the information outdated but makes it not relevant in the given case. Essentially, I am saying that it still works the same way but has no influence on the current issues due to forging/stat nerf producing the fluctuations in question.

Now, with my logic hopefully being more accessible, tell me if there are flaws in it. If there are, it would be ideal if you can explain it a bit, as I apparently was not there during the old updates and would, therefore, be eager to learn the correct version of how stuff works. After all, this forum sucks when it comes to digging old posts for information as the search system is built by someone rather far from archival work.

Sorry for using gibberish mode, I will try to make it simpler from now on. 

They chopped the top end off the ranges of values you can see on an item when they raised the level cap. There’s a lot less natural swing in the values you see in items.  They’re less dynamic. The difference is made up by forging. 

Alright, thanks