Titan League Recruit and more

Hi everybody, I’m from SPARTAN MΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (SPARTAN MOLON LAVE), we play in Titan League and looking for some active players.

What we provide:

  • Up to 10 open slots for players.
  • Full blessed at all times, NO gem donations needed.
  • Active Line chat for war instructions and all the help you need for builds, defenses, superforging guides etc.
  • Possibility of taking an active role in decision making depending on activity, knowledge and eager.

What we want:

  • Following war instructions and attacking properly is the most important task.
  • 3 heroes on war always.
  • Minimum 50k points for a 2 days war & 70k for a 3 days war. Exceptions are normal, just inform the team if you can’t play at full in a war.
  • Players should be lvl140+ (trophies and fame don’t matter, activity matters).

If you are interested, contact us for more details.

Line ID’s: perpatoura (Perp) or 99678542 (Shadow - Andreas).