Titan Sea Chest Gone

Hi , i always open Titan Sea / War chest with cursed chest

this time i got 2 titan sea chest + 1 cursed titan …

in the middle of opening the first sea chest i had connection issue (the usual) … reconnecting, restart and finish my first chest

problem is the second sea chest was nowhere to be found , so i opened the cursed chest 

then i check my hero item (from herc to artemis) and there are only 2 flashing (brand new) titan gears …which mean i didn’t get that last sea chest

@Madlen & team please check this issue , i might be wrong but if i’m right , missing a titan chest is not cool :slight_smile:  

IGN: Lithgow

Yep, same thing happened to me too.

Whenever you open a chest and game gets disconnected you lose that chest and its items are converted into gold 

Sad but true 

There is a post about it too.

ouch …ok

That’s not entirely true, if game gets disconnected in the middle of opening a chest(any chest at all, happens to me as well, sometimes due to slow net and sometimes because game wants to) then it restarts and only item you may lose or the only item gets converted to gold is the last item you see coming out of that chest(for example if you open a chest and see 1st item coming out of it then suddenly game disconnects then only that 1st item will be converted to gold) and after restarting when you click on chest button again, the one beside war button, you’ll see remaining items from that chest(of course you can get them or sell them). At least that’s the case with me.


But I’m not sure whether you still lose that 1 item even if your resources are not full, or not.

I don’t know last Saturday, I lost three godlike chest not because of internet connectivity issue but OR suddenly kicked me out of game when I was opening chests.

When logged in I lost my godlike item chests 

That’s very weird, fortunately I didn’t encounter something like that.

ups … now i lost a cursed item … disconnected (poor connection or *****ty server i dunno) when i tried to uncursed it with gems

yikes …  disgusting!

Hi Lithgow, thanks for reporting that. We will look into that issue :grinning: