Titans cursed, griffin error, useless items, error of the units as it passes through the barricades.

Hello friends, I am Alberto is a pleasure is here and contribute to improve our game.
I thought it was very good some changes in the update 3.9.2, but we have to improve and facilitate more the mission to release the titan chests, because there are many complaints from the players, for not being able to do the tasks that are difficult and from there we lose the other chests titans who are in the queue to be released, find some way to improve it, I think it better to increase the time of the chests, or take that time, since you have the missions to unlock them, so help us in this.

Another thing, I had already said that the blessed items are unnecessary since they have no way to forge them, take them out or allow the agent to forge them.

Now it’s about mistakes in the game, in several battles you realize that there are many units in the defense that are acting strangely, many get stuck when climbing the barricades, please fix this, it is damaging the defenses.

One more thing that is damaging the defenses is the griffin, you get a lot of time in the air choosing who to attack, or he is fleeing the battle, that is in defense and attack, help us in that too.

Thank you for always improving the game, good work

I want to add something about the blessed item as well you could make this item a bit rare, hence who pick it could forge it with other items, hence how it is the first item in rarity, you could do that when forging from the blessed item to to the titan, we could get a special titan item would be very good because these special items do not appear in 70% of the accounts, this has already been much claimed here, but so far they have not done anything, so do this and this item will be much sought after in instead of being disowned and is nothing but junk in the game, expect them to like the idea

special/ unique and rare item will be useless when it reached the 5 star titan forging. Other blue items is better than this red unique items as ascension lvl goes up and all these rare items became junk. I suggest too, that forging matter should also be pondered by the developers - to let us forge the ‘out-of-power 5 star red items’ beyond limitation. They should make some way, use gem to let 5 star red item to let it back to godlike (gold) item (1 star).


Just a thought


please do not forget my suggestion of blessed items, they do not serve the way they are, so if they do not do nothing, they will get out of the game because it is not trash.

When you encounter aerial monsters like griffin and phoenix, they can fall and break, for more reality to the game

Bumping this thread since it’s changes season, hopefully we can get green items instead of useless blessed ones from now on? Kinda sucks buying practically half-empty item chests.