Titans Of Olympia

Hi fellow warriors,

I am Sol Jah leader at Titans Of Olympia, we are searching for battle ready and active Titans to dwell within our Militia.

We are a week old, and pushing through Ranks both Hero and Team, myself as lead Titan im at 10k rank and climbing, our familia is rank 800.

As leader im looking for Active Players who can donate on 24hr basis, and show promise in hero growth, for when the Wrath of our enemies arrive each week.

Communication, is needed for battles and also to get to know my fellow Titans, whatever your creed, you are welcome at Olympia.

(we are “Titans Of Olympia” via LINE)

Non-Spenders and Spenders are welcome, with overall Titan rank of 25k and better needed, to prove your strength and worth as a God.

The Wrath of our Titans shall rise together once more, The Clash on Olympia, we will seek vengance on the opposition.

Join today and lets make Olympia great again, as Gods amongst Men, We are Titans, We are Familia, We are “Titans Of Olympia”.