Title for who donate a lot of gold or real money !

Hello guys,


I thought it would be fair if when one of our alliance is more faithful and more productive donating gold or real money for gold, receive a title !

Because who spend real money, i think he have more right to receive a title rather than who is inside only to warm the place…

Or maybe a little gift that leader of the alliance can give to the member that donate those money!

However the normal donator is not discriminated, on the contrary, also him would receive a title or gift for his loyalty!


Any suggestion?



As i know its called donate and not buy a title.


who cares another useless tittle, we all queens and kings :grinning:

i think this would help the alliances leaders to invite a good players so the weak alliances wont love this idea .

One thing to consider is that you can not only help your alliance by donating gold but also in various other ways, which can be as important/effective as donations. So if you give titles to valuable contributors to alliance success, don’t make it all gold based. Sure, spending real money for the alliance is great and helpful, but not the only way to show support.

Furthermore, dividing between players that earned a donation title and those who didn’t might lower the team spirit inside alliances and create a “we, the useful members and donators” versus “the others that are not worth a title” feeling. Not good!

Also, some players have a lot more money to spend on a game than others do, so just giving titles for a certain amount of spending is unfair to all those “poorer” kings and queens.

Last but not least let’s not forget that alliance tower level mostly determines how much gold you can spend, and that is tied to your ingame progress. Obviously, top players that get tons of gems from diamond league wins can level up their tower quicker/further than players that just started the game. But are those new comers or lower level players automatically worth less? With a title based on donations, a lower (tower) level player has no chance to get rewarded for his effort - and don’t forget, early on = lower loot = even a lower donation means a lot for those players.


Oh and of course, I have to agree with what mischreiber said above.

as an alliance leader I place it upon MYSELF to go out of my own way to thank members donating with real money. I think this is sufficient and adding alliance titles is kinda useless


“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

I don’t think it would be a good idea. I think we should have co-leaders or generals tho who can help activate the elite buff and add new members to the alliance that get assigned by the leader.

I don’t like the title thing but I like the idea of rewarding our more loyal members because a good handful of members in United We Stand have donated substantial amounts of gold and real money and I feel they should get something back. Rewards could consist of a short gold shield, 1 to 5 gems, a piece of armor, etc.

Hmm… sounds interesting… armour I guess is a bit too much here, but a short gold shield sounds not too bad…