To add the fourth attacking ability (ie wizard)

Hi Flare staffs, would you please add the fourth attacking ability with the cost of 50000 germs? That will be so exciting and we are very sure that Flare will also gain a big fortune at the same time for so many of us want it. Thanks a lot.

No, offense would become overpowered compared to defense.

Lol for 50k gems… or course.

 this will bring a huge gap btw free players and the one that buy.

please stop with horrible idea. No. same at 200k gems. No. Offense is already OP vs defense. With this idea you will defenitively kill free playing option. We don’t need that.

I think if offence was stronger than defence everyone would have over 5k trophies. I find it the opposite at mid level. Many full/very high base lvls but low trophies, so I’m guessing many can’t attack their own trophy range.  

But the game is already a P2Win above a certain level, so don’t see what difference it would make other than give FG some more revenue!  

the difference will be RR2 will become more P2W even more and kill it more. No thanks I don’t really want to see RR2 become like OR totally dead with only 14k players

Its actually quite funny as the business approach seems totally opposite in both games - in OR it really is pretty much Free to play, lots of gems in chests, many gems in league rewards, dying costs ambrosia not gems, oddessy rewards give gems in chests, etc, etc. But devs spend little time and rarely add new features.  

Here it appears the complete opposite, things are actually quite expensive, dying cost a fortune if you want to carry on and try to run from Pheobe! No chance of truly free gems in chests. Not sure if you get gems from wars/conquest. Cave gives some gems, but still the cost of upgrading is far more here than in OR.  But because people spend money they make ‘improvements’ (pro-league stuff excluded IMHO).  

So you almost get what you pay for.

I’m not sure what activity is like at the 2k range, but at the 3k range there’s not much going on.

I like the guy who have proposed in Celestial Boost +1 Power for all heroes at level 32 or 33. A little more stuffs to beat defence its not bad. Defense is really hard but really hard in OR. I waste too much gems per day. Over 20-30 gems its crazy.Sometime I am close to quit. Defense is too much OP. So a little boost in offense will not be bad

However here in RR2 the problem we have already Pals,Support units (Ninja/zombie/Yeti) and Guardians. Someone who start now will find RR2 too much easier until level 90. Its close impossible now to die (maybe if you don’t know how to play well)

Its the opposite here Offense is OP vs the defense. that happen you can find level 110-130 who drop at 1,500 or 1,800 to trap low level to gain gems like in OR but if someone use the right range. Offense is OP. So if you add a 4 spells for 5k,10k or whatever. The game will be totally broken in all levels

Just bring Toxic cloud,Firestorm,Sonic Blast and Stun or Toxic Cloud,Firestorm,Blizzard and Black Magic or else.

Like you have mention its strange. RR2 have still 150k players with all mistake Flare have do but the fact RR2 is totally P2W seem to attract more. OR is totally 100% Free but seem to attract less and this game is not a time eating game. Max all in 8 month or less is really easy compared to here that take 1 year or 2

Never have understand why its OR who is dead and RR2 still alive. Wrong logic for me that should have been the inverse. Free should win vs P2W game. Seem not the case. Maybe people think like you. Prefer see a P2W game with updates over time than a Free games with no updates

I find it strange. People complain RR2 is so much time eating game when OR need nothing but its OR who is totally dead. Really strange…People choose RR2 but complain. Never have understand this worst logic at all

Hi there, please stay on topic -> 4th attack. Thank you.

OR is dead because it s a (weak) copy of RR2 with nothing original in it

u want a 4th attack spell slot? (maybe  a 5th one too?), then support my recommendation on the post below


A 4th spell would only make offenses stronger than they already are, which is pretty dang strong lol. 4 spells wouldn’t work with a PC player, however, because you’d be misclicking all the time and either using gems (if the 4th spell was located on the 8 key) or spawning troops rather than the spell (if the 4th spell was located on the 4th key). These are just a few reasons why more than 3 spells and troops doesn’t work

I think it would’ve been a better game if it had half the features/events that RR2 got/gets. Sadly no events/community things/skins/new troops/towers/heroes/bug fixing ;/

Well 4th power, you can count me in.

You could add it and reduce every power by 25% thus maintaining relative 100% power strength just in a more varied way. The balance would be restored to the force and FG get more money :slight_smile:   :slight_smile:   :slight_smile:  


That makes sense too

AwesomestKnightest u cant just throw the same arguement every time u hear a recommendation that boosts offence. Especially now where there r sooooo many beautiful recommendations that can boost defence in RR2 as well!!!

There is this AWESOME guy that made the following 2 AMAZING posts  (I heard he s REALLY good-looking too) support his recommendations so that FG might consider implementing them one day.


You could also give a pro-league reward and make your defending king 3 times as strong that throws armageddon everywhere (sure we kinda got that already)! Put them in  Pro-league tanks, that fires pro-league depleted uranium shells…

Hey Philstar don t Hate!!!

Your hero will have a 4th and 5th (ultimate) spell, the castle defence will need some HOT new countermeasures to beat that.

Philstar I LOVE the OR concept, which is based on ancient Greek Mythology, but it s SAD the way FG treats it, it s a mere watered down version of RR2, and implementing RR2 events to OR would make it look even more like a copy. It s only a matter of time until an OR player says : Why would I play a copy of RR2 and not just play the original?

It pains me to see OR decline like that, I made some pretty rad recommendations for this game that if FG implemented them, I d gladly choose OR to RR2 …Greek Mythology RULES!!!

Nerfing the spells???..Worst Idea  EVER!!!

I spent too much gold, gems and pearls to make my spells nice and strong. If FG reduces their power by 25% I ll unistall the game.

Guardian or 4th spell, choose either one.

Hey, how about add one more beast in defense to contra the 4th spell?