To admin Jona

Hi Jona :slight_smile:

The last thing i want to say is we didnt use any cheat. Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:

Moved to general discussion (as it has really nothing to do with the forum rules info posts).

Don’t lie. Watch this, everyone will see how this exploit work. This man in video have a wallet on SIM just 5.000 vnd (25 cent), but he can purchase app with 40.000 vnd (2$), then, he check again his sim, he dont lost money, it’s just 5.000 vnd. Purchase in app use this way to purchase illegal gems. You think you can steal forever gems? Game Master will know, be fair play. IGN: Tuấn Se7en, Bui Dat 94, Luffy_Stupid, Con Ong Nho and more. On your group, all of you proud how to purchase illegal gems. Please fair play.

They use trash SIM, mobile network will dont know they stole. The still get a bill.