To all the people having trouble with ads on Windows (fix)

2 ways to fix this problem. I recommend the safe way. Only try the other fix if the safe way doesnt work.


Safe way:

On windows PC, you can go to the Apps/Packages/RoyalRevolt…/LocalState directory and remove the VungleSDK directory. This fixes video ads, and leaves your local user data intact.


Other way:

Win10 users only [Warning] make sure your savedata is secure through cloud storage or facebook (by XxmushpitxX):

  1. Go to start, select “settings”. 2. In settings screen, select “apps”. 3. Type in “royal revolt 2” or scroll down to it.

  2. Left click on Royal Revolt 2 and it will give you the option to "move"or “uninstall”, don’t choose either one.

  3. Once you click on “royal revolt 2”, under the name will appear the option “Advanced settings” Left click on it and click on RESET and confirm.

  4. After it has reset, relaunch rr2. You will start at the beginning of the game again, play the initial battle and beat the gate.

  5. After beating the gate it will recognize your PC has a save game file under your OneDrive data and let you choose to use the OneDrive data or use the Local Drive save data or let you keep both files.

  6. Select the first option: Use the OneDrive data save game. \ This will relaunch rr2 to your old savegame. If you dont get ads right away, dont freak out because it may take up to 24 hours. XxmushpitxX had to repeat the process a couple of times for it to work.

If you have any questions message XxmushpitxX ingame.