To Captain Morgan and the team.

Hello @CaptainMorgan 

I hope you slept ok!

I just wanted to say as a long term player of the game , please don’t let the unkind and nasty comments effect you and the team there.

Yes, all players are disappointed at the issues that have arisen from the changes, but I’m sure the team at Olympus Rising is a lot more upset over it! Clearly things have happened that you didn’t foresee and obviously you didn’t make this happen deliberately and would’ve wanted things to be running smoothly.

So, please keep going with you efforts, you will get things sorted eventually, ignore the haters and understand that we know you are human beings with lives and that this is only a game to us, to you it’s a job, and that’s my point. We know you’ll sort things, so just keep us informed please.

@CaptainMorgan You stayed up till 1am with a server maintenance, that’s impressive my friend.

I have one more question, As the next war starts early, can we play the odyssey with the war heroes? @CaptainMorgan

@doomlord786 Unfortunately this is not possible to change.

Dont mean to hijack the thread (I do appreciate all the hard work as well…unfortunately you’ve had a lot of troubles lately), but I’d like to request that you don’t have any more early wars.  i realize this is a rare circumstance, but frankly, it’s Flare’s own fault you’re in the situation and unfortunately it’s now having a lasting negative effect on gameplay outside of wars.

It is not the plan to permanently switch to this starting time, this is only a temporary measure to ensure that you guys can get the maximum support when the War starts. If all goes well, future Wars will return to the normal times.

Can I roll this back please?

Clearly I got it wrong as the team must have time on their hands as they keep finding things to muck up, like forging and now the statues… Claiming it’s a bug…a bug that many many players spent a lot of time working on to build strong statues… Once again, players get out what they put in, not all for nothing…

I give up, get the basic mechanics of the game working correctly before you start dicking around with statues and forging and Christ knows what else you’ll do next…(demolition I expect).

Any sympathy has long gone I’m afraid.

@CaptainMorgan  on of best active developer I see in my life


No wonder there are so many bugs that aren’t fixed. They’re busy nerfing the one thing that was working. Congratulations @CaptainMorgan @Chris. You guys are destroying the game on your own. And here I thought that FG was the cause.