To captain Morgan!

Hi captain Morgan!

thanks for a great game. I enjoy Olympus rising because of the challenges your team put up for us. I would Love to see a nother challenge like the zeus contest! Hope you got something for us soon!? 

The zeus challenge was hard and fun at the same time. IF you need some help:, i heard that hades wants revenge on you for puting a bounty on his brothers head. You figer out the rest ???

good luck!

Thanks for taking part, george6 :slight_smile:

Hades has already left a few flaming “surprises” on my doorstep, the rascal. If he doesn’t stop soon I’m going to have to call in the cavalry…

A lot harder to take Hades down for the bounty 

Well it would be strange if it were easy to kill the god of the underworld. Some meticulous planning will be required.

Hi captain Morgan!

well, i was wrong about Killing hades ??, he is impossible to kill. I tryed by Putting him infront of 2 Poseidon towers, 1 lapetos and 1 Apollo tower. All the troops that i attacked him with are uppgradet to Max and blessed??

I didnt use autoplay, he was standing still and he didnt die. 

So forget what i sayed ???

i talked to hades and you 2 are cool now ???

Hahaha, I have been looking into it, and I have a theoretical solution, but will need time to try it out. The rewards of any bounty will reflect the difficulty of the challenge. :grinning:

So Hades has been getting on my nerves recently. Any bounty hunters with an itchy trigger finger out there?


Did you mean to kill the Hades.??

If Yes.!! Then Yaah sure why not.?

I would love to…try 

count me in!

Why Hades is getting on your Nerve @CaptainMorgan and please don’t Nerf him anymore   or else I have to stop playing Olympus Rising. :grinning:

It is a bit anachronistic that in a game based on Greek mythology the Greek gods Hades, Aeus and Athena, are the weakest heroes, Athena has a ridiculous damage and can not win an attack without using gems … when the use I feel robbed

please do something

@vasudeva1, I am going to have Athena soon, is she really that weak?

No bro She is good… It’s just that you need to customise her like every other hero… She have decent damage but that doesn’t matter she is really fast  have 5 spells to compensate… 

Zeus is really slow but he still somehow manage to break defences … Hades is still the best and there is no defence that he can’t break and There is no Gatekeeper that Hades can’t kill… 

sorry for offtopic @Infamous

Athena and Ade. Both are great nothing happens to them against spear barriers … The problem is to don’t know how to customise the heroes… 

Yes i was wrong about Demolition the sudden drop on gate health was because of my reflection I realised that later… 


This is turning into a general discussion it seems… Please stay within challenges/contest realm or Ill have to move this topic elsewhere or conduct some other form of mod atrocity that people tend to dislike :slight_smile:


Choice is yours, thanks in advance

Hi Morgan

I’m StrikeFORCE17…it is a great game all the way…still i’d say kindly make wars optional…and put alliances in tiers so that no uneven distribution of teams is found in a war…“find war match” option should be added & it should be based on the choice of a team whether they want to play or not


there are 3 major gods in greek myhtology they are much stronger, in game they are weak and the powers they have in real are not in this game for example Zeus is the god of lightning he must have the lightning power not athena,as the king of gods he must be powerfull but he is the most weakest among all heroes and gods,for athena fist of power is not suitable cuz she is the goddess of strategies she must have a large leadership,large then ariadne and can  lead greatest armeis in to the battle,hades is okey with his unique power,you should put the 3rd major god Poseidon…please make zeus and athena strong so we can use them more .