To dear greedy FG

FG, you are lucky that you had a successful game by a vast community.

Honestly if the community isnt that vast, your game would be DEAD already!

Have you ever wondered why lot of veteran players are still playing even though they wanted to leave this game many times? Thats because of the community, the friends they have been playing with, otherwise with a game with full of shit they would leave it early already. So thats why you think your game is still good? no its not, you are being too much greedy on a shitty game that will lead the game die one day soon for sure if you keep doing it.

I was exciting when you were introducing new big event and futures but i got a huge disappointment when i saw the video tutorial that shows you will earn more Coin in CoF.

Seriously? Everyone knows the fucking stupid crash before CoF bug is still there and not fixed at all and a load of players are having this trouble, its been affecting in wars a lot already and now it leads you to the ranking 20 or even 30 in your ninja event even though you did all perfectly. You are too much greedy, you dont fix the issue but keep adding shits  to those CoF just because of some fucking stupid gems even though many players are getting mad at it. ( Im still not mentioning crash before starting the battles or even during the battles that several players are having )

Now i dont hope you fix or find the solution anyone. I hope the community of this game dies fast and leads the game to a death for our easier life. Sounds shit but its really a worth price for you.

Best regard for you.

I feel the same. I am still hanging around this game because of the friends I made along the journey. I am on a vacation and this event has been such a disappointment that it has brought me on the verge of quitting. I will be taking a break after this event. But if the compensations are not the 1st rank prizes, I will just quit.

you are right, many people like this game because of the community, and now with all this problems it is not worthy keeping with the game, the crash in this game are too many now, and if you miss one cof, you will not get any uber chest that is very unfair :slightly_frowning_face:

Alikington, Ive been saying that for , I kid you not - over 6 months.



We all in RL/Apo bee saying this for a year or more lol although Tran went a bit too harsh, we still think the game is good, just some important aspect of it involve too much greed and covered with so many lies and tricks