To flare developers: Defense is overpowered and we must scroll to win. Give us full gem value for scrolls

The game is currently very overpowered in defense and to beat a base often requires minimum 1 timewarp and often multiple scrolls and revives. If we need to spend gems just for a normal raid, its only fair that we get the full value of the gems being spent on us. Otherwise the game is basically forcing us to pay to play. You will continue to lose long time players if things continue as is. Many people are frustrated. 

Defence are really hard now its true


Try to use wok

shield fire snow

cerera( cerera is a key here)

Hello to all
I do not know if it’s just my personal impression or even many of you have the same feeling, but in the last period Flaregame is making this game more and more pay for win …
there are paths with dart towers that can not be overcome unless you use gems not to mention the attacks in war …
Well I do not know how you think, but I’d like to know, but to me this game after four years is boring me if it continues to be so impossible …
a month ago the defenses were very weak, we passed the first in the standings with 30 seconds of surplus, now it is almost impossible to pass any path of medium high ranking …
in short, the skill has become relative and when this comes to miss a game loses its charm …
now I do not say that the defenses must go back inexistent, but not even so impenetrable !!!

Agree. Its really hard. Yes they are mostly beatable if you find your combo- but yes its too big stress.

but i think for us, who play by years, is main question is why we need prolong to play?have No big idea and best way to hear it from flare, new staff/ideas( i mean pvp)

Agree, defence is way too OP these days?

@Mattiategner Same here. Path are overpowered. Hope Flare will rebalance game. Don’t like when path are too easy and on top base well perked have 40 sec left; but now is too hard. Think we need a rebalancing of game… also during war, with sp set on, need too many scroll to win.

Yes the defence is somewhat stronger than earlier but the perks are also a problem. We just need to use some luck perk t o open cof chest , some gold boost , skull perk during war and many more so it weakens our king . We use kaiser to get gold boost instead of tammy who can heal us but we need more gold so we leave tammy. Even i have lv 10 tammy but i use it only in war/ninja otherwise i use kaiser lv 8 to increase gold boost. If i want i can increase my leadership to 20k with about 300 start morale but no i just play with 13k-14k leadership & 130% start morale to get 160% gold boost. In war we get forced to use skull perk with some luck perk to get skull from cof ,this makes the defence indirectly stronger.

yesterday using scrolls and selected guys I got 5000 trophies! then went randomly and lost a raid for the raid. now my trophies are 4700. basically all the blame was BS)

now go through the base without scrolls, very hard or even impossible. and please do not give me advice about troops and spells, I tried everything … until rolled to the bottom)))

Outside of wars, I have no problem with defenses being OP, but this can’t continue like that during war. Bases get tougher with all those new defensive pro boosts, while war gear stays crappy,  especially the firebolt tower, plus the stone ninjas make it even tougher now

I can’t go with full gold gear ( includes tammy, not kaiser)…Defense has upper hand.

Mass Hysteria is sure one of the points, why it is so hard these days.

Agree defence is getting way too strong, I tried using gold gear with kaiser for more gold.
I used three offensive spells to kill everything faster, and I died in first corner.

Didn’t bother summoning troops, as all the bases were too hard.

Try my combo in normal raid : monk archer wolf blizz tc sonic with aska/tammy

But I do agree war raid is stupidly hard and gem sucking! Always has been ?? dunno why nothing has been done to improve this…we have all these great gears in normal raid but had to carry SP in war raid ?? such a burden…tbh I would be so happy if they just remove CoF skulls from war (and add it automatically to the raid total… (so if raid rank 1 player, that is 1015+SP+100 CoF skull) would reduce war cost by a lot! Make gems another way please ? 

The can’t do that because people will take advantage of this to transfer gems between accounts, but yes they should change something because right now, specially after the mass hysteria thing, raids are quite difficult.

worse is gold gear, war is only for 5 days, all the time need gold. SP only 5 slots, gold gear in every slot and pal!
this makes wearing gold gear raid even harder than SP for war, not to mention having to find a target with gold.


I can hardly win a battle if I don’t attack with my speed gear, which has 90% speed. In a war attack, if I use all SP, I have 30% speed, so my hero is extremely slow, I hardly make it to the gate with that. I don’t want to take off a SP (which would be my sword). 

Also, there is a limit on how long you can prolong war boosts that you win after wars (according to @FTB). Why not add this to the Pro Boosts. This ends up being bad for players on defensive side. But it’s preposterous how overpowered the Pro Boosts are. The Firebolt tower, Mass Hysteria, is supposedly nerfed as of the new update that recently came out (3.8.1). But I still see my troops getting “confused” and turning bad every 2 or 3 hits from a FB tower. It’s ■■■■■■. So, allow alliances to prolong Pro Boosts up till the end of the next Pro League. That way you can only have one Pro Boost at a time. This makes it a little fairer for alliances that don’t have enough to gold to prolong, but are still facing bases in alliances that DO have enough gold. Once again you are tearing down any possibilities of new players coming in and making their own alliances, which frankly, to me at least, is one of the main points of the game! Bring friends in and make an alliance with them! But that’s not happening 

Defenses are over powered! Everything is boosted  now. Cant finish any raid since pro boosts are here. Game is all pay to win now but i dont want to give up yet cuz i spent 2 years and i made some progress.  None of my “builds” work after releasing  pro boosts. Only with pyros i manage to keep some trophies, now im just going down without them.

Agree with you but during war days its becomes more hard to find opponents with gold and i am always low on gold & my workers keep licking their thumb.So forced to use gold gear to collect more & more gold as now every stuff needs huge amount of gold to be upgraded.

Flare keps balancing offense and defense, sometimes raiding is too easy, sometimes it is really difficult, and I am ok with that. Atm it is quite hard. The problem here is that they added many defensive boosts at the same time (stoone ninjas and mass hysteria), which made raiding much harder at once. At the same time the war boost are defensive ones… They already nerfed mas hysteria, and I think if they fix the stone ninjas it will be more balanced.

Note that it is still possible to raid top bases scroll free, but it is much harder.

Also the good point in introducing all these new boosts (that only a few alliances full of pay-to-win can afford) is that there is a lot more variety in the defense designs, which is a good thing in my opinion.