To Flaregames

With so many bugs going on, we need more than just one hour of GalaMorgane being online. We need at least one staff member present at all times. With all the bugs going on you CANNOT have only GalaMorgane looking at the topics for 1 hour. Put designated times for Community watching on your team and take care in what you do, cause it doesn’t look like you are right now. You don’t have forum events to make people interested, you very rarely answer to topics, and then when you do that, you say “Send a ticket in to support.” Yeah right, cause we all know support solves everything! My suggestion for the community change is simple and clear. It needs to be the same with support as well. Have designated times for staff members to reply to people. It’s really not that hard. Please read this and don’t ignore it as it seems you do with everything else

This game is a cash cow for them. Very low expenses and plenty of revenue. Their developers and community managers are focused elsewhere. I wouldn’t expect this to change especially with pointed statements to their employees. They are a business, and their vision of the community manager role appears different than what the forum-goers expect.

I know you spend a lot of time on this forum and playing the game, which I do too, but I suspect you will be frustrated if you continue to expect changes from Flaregames. Look at all of the simple tweaks they could make to the game for vast improvement, look how long it’s been since they asked for feedback on the war system. They don’t put resources to this game.

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SP is for skull perk in that picture, right? :lol: