To keep the forum announcements or not?

Hello everybody,

Now that we have the In Game announcements, giving you an overview of what is included in events and also giving you a 24 hours notice prior to a new event starting, I wanted to know if you’d like to keep the forum announcement or not.

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I personally have enough ads in the game. the main thing is that it would be stable!

Not needed imo, it will come later anyway than in game also it still can bring confusion, for example current forum one says event will end on Saturday (in game it says Sunday). Also, without them forum annoucement section will be more clear and transparent with more important stuff rather than event annoucements.

You should stop announcing events in forums as we are getting this in game itself…

But I would suggest  there should be some surprise events apart from regular ones to keep things interesting… And it should only be announced in forums and in game later as it was on the previous version. So forum won’t loose users too  :wink:

How will community weeks work with the in-game announcement? (will there be more community weeks?)
will we get all the info there? ie listed all bonuses, will there be 24hr notice before the next one activates?

for normal weekly events there is no need for forum announcement given the in game one (especially if the forum one will be slower, and less accurate / doesn’t match in game announcement)

Is there any feedback on whether we will get in progress upgrades / cooldowns to match the max per the event. Eg for blacksmith event all cooldowns reduced to the 12 hour cap, as was done for the dungeon event. Such that we wouldn’t need prior notice for events. Any feedback would be welcome here, would be nice to even get acknowledgement it has been read / passed to devs, and even better to know any feedback if it has been decided no, too hard, maybe in future, etc.

Interesting questions by @Fourofjacks.

Are overlapping events like in the last community weeks still possible with the new announcement system? Or is this the real reason for this “Community Month”?

Usually, I would favor to have more information, meaning to keep the forum announcements. But I will vote for “No” as I have to agree, seeing what happened with announcements in the past there might be inconsistencies with in game announcements and this would just lead to more confusion.

If additional information needs to be given (i.e. a set of events like now) it still should be given via announcement.

You should still announce the events. Maybe some players don’t play the game for a while and are inactive, but then they see the announcement here and decide to play again, cause it’s a great event. If you don’t announce them here, they won’t find out, in case they are inactive

If multiple events are running at the same time, all events will be announced individually in the In Game feature. You’ll see an arrow, allowing you to switch from one event to another one. All the bonuses will be displayed for each events.



I don’t think it’s needed on the forums. Spend your time elsewhere.

If the in game system works well, there’s no need to announce new events anymore in the forums AND facebook.

lol i voted “No” to the question “keep the forum announcements”. ■■■■■■ me.

What I really want is announcements in-game to include the next Pro League! That’s actually just as important, because players who aren’t on the forum won’t know what’s in the PL!

I almost got fooled  by poll question as well, the question in the title suggest one answer, but in the question of the poll it is the opposite :wink:

thanks for info Gala, any feedback for reducing in progress upgrades and cooldowns to match event caps?

If the forum announcement can’t be earlier than the in game one, I don’t need it. Save the resource for something more important if there is any.

Both FB and Twitter have the official announcement of the forum。。。All is important for Newcomer

Whether this is done frequently :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Judge whether new users will play this game。




I think Events should be announced in game only, but the Announcement banner should be there always, when an event isn’t running it should say what’s the next event and when it starts.

Official announcement thread should remain also for other tech related issues, updates and server maintenance.

LE: Just saw @GalaMorgane post. If its to keep Twitter and Facebook fed I don’t think anyone is too bothered by them in forum.

-_-The important thing is to appeal when “sale event” is held every week.

How often will it be done? Surely newcomers would like to know… :grinning:


I think it is needed in the forums because there can be discussions then. It is easier to be able to switch back and forth between taps on a browser than to open up the game at the same time you are on the forum.

It also allows for @GalaMorgane or other Flare folks to add answers if they want.  For instance, the original announcement of the Alliance Event didn’t have an end time, and that could have been added to the official announcement.