To leaders and generals

It’s of course very annoing, when members start to leave as soon as things don’t go well. In some cases it’s the jumpers, who look for a higher rank and war boosts, but sometimes it’s could be your own fault.

Many fighters are really dedicated and do their best, especially on war and in this situation your own behaviour can be unmotivating, like being absent, fighting on minimum or not at all, not using boosts in tight situations. 

The most absurd thing is, that you might now use your bread on attacking these members instead of having done your attacks on war.

Use your resources wisely and on time. Don’t be a stalker.  :slight_smile:

I agree with you! Some alliances talk about how great there leadership is on the forums. Most of the time I don’t buy it.


Experience and ability to learn the game in real time is really important too.

This season we fought a top 50 alliance and the Leadership had the worst bases and they activated all the useless boosts.

How can an alliance become strong if the Leader’s base is making mistakes I learned to avoid in my first week, much less wasting gold on useless boosts.



On another note if you are in an Alliance and the leadership are the nicest hardest working people, none of that matters if they are horrible gamers.

Someone can work much harder than I do, but if I understand the game better than I get a huge advantage in the beginning, and every time the game changes.



A lot of this game is planning for the future. Thinking ahead has made the top alliances what they are.

But before that you have to know how to play the game.

Look at the alliances with tons of member spots but they can not compete with alliances that have the same amount of members.

And the alliances that brag when they win the easiest wars, are only building for a huge fall when they can’t win against a decent alliance.


So yes you want a nice guy as your Leader that will work hard.

But if they are not good gamers then you need to have them step down or you need to leave.

This is a game and personally I play to win. I recommend farmville or candy crush to anyone else.

(this is not aimed at you mamsky, just my thoughts… also is your alliance WuTangClan?)

You say right things. I also call a certain gamestyle “Farmville” - collecting Glorypoints and being afraid to lose them, going the easy way. 

The truth is, that you can’t win a war alone, it’s always the team that can do things acting together on the right time. Coordination and communication is very important and as you say correctly, planning for the future.

WuTangClan is my new alliance and for now has nothing to do with that. I won’t call the names, as I think this is a common problem.

Nice reminder.

Our alliance, PILIPINAS, definitely isn’t the one on your description. We value the game and most of all, each other. I mean, we’re not the best alliance in the world (yet), we are not one of the richest alliance in the game, but we’re laying our hands to reach that. We respect even if members have low donating limit. There’s no pressure among us. We treasure foreign members (the alliance is meant for Filipinos only). These foreign friends stayed on our alliance longer than expected. They even spend real cash to help boost and upgrade the alliance.

If good leadership is what being discussed in this thread, I am certain we possess it. In our alliance, you’re not just a player, you’re a family.



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Agree leader is responsible for alliance situation almost 90% of the time.thanks to god our leader budakalasz is one of the greatest leader ever(HUNS ALLIANCE) ,he is smart and know how to handle things in different situations.because of his leadership today huns is in top 50 and we are going for top 30.i know he may be extra liberal in case of jumpers sometimes but this is his kindness which makes him unique.

As far as boost is concerned Huns always remain selective in terms of boost and these days we are acting more smartly because we are focusing on upgrading the alliance.