To my beloved Flare

My dear, sweet Flare,


We’ve been in a relationship for the past 10 months. We’re very close, you know? I’ve bought you dinner on numerous occassions; at least, that’s what my receipts from Microsoft say. I’ve gotten to know all of your friends. Aether is awesome; she’s so supportive of our relationship! Jack is very mysterious but helpful at all the right times. The ones that help us build character(s)–Felix and Lisa–AWESOME folks to have around.


But lately, it feels like you’ve changed. We just don’t have the same spark anymore.


I promised I wouldn’t complain, so I’m going to stick to that. Instead, I’m going to tell you of a love that needs rekindling:


In the beginning, we moved slow. Every day was like a walk in the park, save for a few knights and archers harrassing me while I explored our world. 


In the middle, things really picked up. We were both into horror flicks, especially those with mummies and werewolves coming at me from all directions. You asked me to lace up with some speed boots so we could go jogging more often. We really got a workout!


Now, in what should be the height of our relationship, things… they’re just not the same. You still surprise me with new gifts, and for that I’m so grateful, especially those sent from a much longer Range. But I feel like you’re slowing me down somehow. Sometimes, it’s like I want to Scream, but I just can’t. Other times, I try to Shield myself from things happening in our relationship, but I just can’t put up the same kind of defense. Our good Pal Adin feels so left behind and useless these days, even when we try to give him a Boost. I feel like a slow, lumbering Ogre whose heart is pierced far too often for comfort, because maybe our pet Wolfie just doesn’t have the howl left in him that used to always get us in a frenzy? I don’t know!


I’d like to cast a Spell on you all over again, but I feel like they’ve reach their max effect, and it just doesn’t work as well as it used to.


But I guess the biggest thing is that things are getting repetitive. You are giving me ever more Special things–they bring a lot of Healing–but I need a bit more than new gifts. I remember those good old days when each day I raided your heart anew. That’s what I want. I felt like I was exploring your world more and more. Now, it’s not even that our relationship is going through a daily Grind; it’s just that the Content of our relationship has remained mostly the same for the past 4 months, even with the change of Seasons.


Perhaps we need a different direction: scale back some of the changes we’ve made recently, and see if there’s a new way to make this work. It should be a new course, a new direction, a bolder vision, not just tearing down the things that we’ve built up over the past 10 months. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary all at once, just incremental. I’m willing to bet the Farm on us making this work, but only if we really communicate with each other. :slight_smile:



Hugs and kisses,


what a nice way of saying this. might be time for us to find new game.hate seeing my money going down the something this week and its excess trash next a special then devalue all sale to understand this concept is beyond long can i be and or look like an idiot?

Very well said Adju. I hope so much FG listens and moves quickly.


Please let us know when you find the new game, we’ll gladly follow… me and some friends already start playing dungeon boss during few off season, and when you find us a new game, we can bring the whole clan to the other side and start again in a better kingdom  :slight_smile:

Beautiful, lovely love letter to Flare Adju…

Well done… :slight_smile:

Thanks Blookie for this fantastic topic!


You had wrote everything I had thought about this game.

I play this since beginning (I even played the original Royal Revolt) and as Gypsy (and other fans) I put a lot of money into it (mainly building the HUNS alliance).

I have to tell you that I love this game, but it starts to be boring and much less fun, although we gave a lot of hints to Flare how to make it better.


I play this game with 2 accounts, so I have a beginner king as well and it seems this game is not for newcomers - just for advanced users.

It is just too difficult to understand a lot of things and some of the players it is very scary (that is why some of us made a beginner account to help newcomers to understand the game and help them to go up faster). - (Just a little intermezzo: Flare, in this way we help new players to stay in the game.)


On the other hand the expert players does not get anything extra or suggested things (+3 levels of gates with more towers is really the solution?).

As Blookie wrote there should be a lot of potential in this game and I have to tell you I am thinking the same as Rose: how to manage to call the members of HUNS to start a new FUN in a new game.

We have built a lot of fantastic alliances, so we do not want to lose the time and effort we put in.

And the only reason I did not do that because I did not find any really good multiplatform game like RR2.


That is why I am really sad that Flare does not see that: they will soon lose us when we find another fun - they should build loyalty and new (REALLYinteresting) things to keep this game still funny.


And reflecting to Blookie’s last post: I will stay in this game and will play for ages hopefully, but as other ‘old’ players I put much less money into it and a little bit less time to play and focus on builing the society of the alliance to keep members together.



To my beloved Blookie Bloo,


With lots of sadness and tears in my eyes have I read thy post.


Our passion for each other shall not be forgotten.

We will fight all zombies of the world to make sure we spark that warm and fuzzy feeling inside your heart again!