To Opelle... urgent request from Huns

Opelle, please no more poem contest in forum events


Blookie bloo already wrote new poems for winter, summer, and spring

and he’s reciting them in our alliance chatbox  the whole day long…

and he’s now thinking about writing poems adapted to every month


so please, please,…  ban all poem contests from now on…

Wow, I knew Adju was crazy, but didn’t expect that much…

I have to think of something evil to prevent this spam for you :rolleyes:

Oh thank you Aether, my saving Angel. If you just could limit the amount of words he can use to let’s say… 20, that would mean the world to Hun-ears

Hi Mickyoao,


the events in forum are managed by admins so i can’t edit those things, but i can always suggest to improve the quality of them. Thanks for share your concerns. I’m sure that Aether’s rules are always targeted and limited to avoid too much spam. However the Autumn event was fun not only because you could create your own poem where no professor can tell you if it is wrong or not :wink:

flare already has created something evil aether…in rr2 land we call them updates…

Oh my gosh, my own teammate is working against me. lololololololol


I assure you that I have no poems written about Spring, Summer, and Winter, but I do have poems written about the love affair between Micky and rudrA. They’re tragic comedies in epic form. They’ll be on store shelves in time for the Holidays.

I like these songs. Why complaining? Blookie is talented.

Looks like blookie bloo has 1 fan…

Understand your suffering Micky… :slight_smile:


But you should encourage people to discover new talents in them.


Blookie reminds me of myself, 2 years ago. Being skeptic and realistic, I usually hate poetry. Too romantic and sticky… Nevertheless, just for the fun, I have started to write songs lyrics and melody, because my girlfriend is a talented Singer. Right now we have already recorded 3 Albums with beautiful original songs. The 4th is on the way. You can find some of the song videoclips on youtube already: Search for Genie Master band.


So, give Blookie a chance. Who knows what has the future prepared for him…

Lol is blookie an author or writer in real life?

And blookie your posts are too long lol, shorten them up

+1 :wink:

By the way, the highest royalties from broadcasts go to the lyrics and melody writers (44% each). the rest 12% go to the music arranger.

So, better to be a poet than a musician…


Yes. :slight_smile:

Blookie, I have a challenge for you.

We are soon going to release on the youtube our videoclip for the My Gilgamesh single.

If you write something nice on this issue, I’ll be honored if you would place your creation on the messages for this clip. :slight_smile:

Please send me first on PM.

ahem… Blookie , just remember never put pleasure in front of Huns duty…


so while romping around with Ed & band… you re still obliged to get 5000 skulls each battle…


Ed doesn t have enough bread for war anyways… so don t let him distract you