To prove which alliance is best:

Since the other thread went to heck and is still in heck, I’ve come up with a way to settle things. Here are the following arguments from both sides:

From SK: “We could beat you on our own, but it’s more efficient to do things this way.”

From opponents: “You say you could beat us every time, but you’ve never had to try, so you’ve never been exhausted! Your high skulls could be the result of this unfair advantage!”

I’m sick of the arguing, so we’re going to settle, once and for all, which guild is the greatest. This challenge will test Coordination, Endurance, will not discriminate against level, and will not discriminate against alliances who’ve taken in weaker players, as many of you have claimed to.

Your challenge is this: Your alliance must hold the record in all 5 Tournament Leagues, but you have to have a different player for every league. This will test your coordination, the endurance of your top 5 members, and will not discriminate against your other players.

Ground rules:

  1. This must be done in the 3 day break between war seasons. Otherwise the Alliance Wars system would allow for too great of trophy stripping against guilds being attacked on multiple fronts. Or, rather, would hinder the guilds not in a war with the guild they’re trying to strip from. Either way, the AW system interferes.

  2. No coordinating with other alliances during this time. You’re all against each other.

  3. If you want to coordinate within your own alliance, that’s ok. You should involve your alliance. Your alliance shall be there to trophy strip against your opponents, the goal being to keep them out of the Top 10.

  4. No complaining.

Whoever wins this challenge, having won free of factions or other unfair advantages, will be proclaimed the overall strongest guild in terms of Skill and Endurance. If you don’t take up this challenge, you will have no right to complain or to brag, as this is the only time in which competition will be fair and fierce.

Set a date.

What about the pie eating contest?

Well, this challenge is obviously ridiculous… For example, a member from Turc Gucu holds the record on the Diamond League.  Does it make Turc Gucu the best alliance (admitting 4 other members win the lower leagues)? With all my respect for members of Turc Gucu (with who I fought once), they get eaten easily by VL during wars. Which is not the case with some other alliances (I will shut the names :grinning:


So you can’t say an alliance is the best by this kind of challenge. And btw, why do you want to proclame one alliance is the best? What is the purpose? All alliances have strengths and weaknesses.

Tournament thing is ridiculous, but I kinda missed how stripping is connected to records in Tournaments? Stripping who? And of what? What the hell you’re even talking about, what top 10 if you talked about tournaments? xD You kinda mentioned whole different game mechanics in the same sentense without making connection between them xD

I guess Sentinel don’t understand the game at all  -_-