@ to tag someone in-game chat?

Is technically possible to implement in-game the tag, so you can tag someone in the game chat with the @ like it’s used to do here in forum, facebook, etc to get the attention of a person.

Many times i’d like to get the attention of a specific alliance member to tell an important thing. 

+1 should then be notified like an ally-message.

Don’t make a big difference at the end if Flare don’t change the chat right now. If you tag someone he will not see it. To make the tag very useful like on this forum you must make the chat stay for at least 24 hours or 48 hours before the text is deleted.

At this moment the chat text can disapear in 2 minutes or in 5 minutes if many people talk too much.

For me the best to do is :

  • Prolong the text appearance and not limited it by the number of lign (close 50 ) but by hours for 48 hours

_ After when Flare change and keep the text in chat now its gonna be interesting to able to @ tag someone in chat

Let’s me explain :

You tag @ someone and tell him something. 5 or 10 minutes later if your members talk between them the message will deleted. The player you wanted the intention only connect in 5 hours later. He be connected and receive a notification his name was mentionated but don’t see the message on the chat. So you will be forced to repeat the message

However if Flare can change how the text keep in the chat for at least 24-48 hours will make the chat more easier. By example @ tag someone and tell him something. The person connect 10 hours later and receive the notification about his name mentionated so he check the chat and see the tag and read it. Nice he read what you have tell him. Mission accomplish



I’m gonna simplify the work of devs, here how it should become a tagged message:

Icon with a number (like when you receive a message from the friend list) that shows that you have been tagged by someone when you’ll open in-game chat:

When the chat is opened you’ll see a pinned message with a yellow background when someone tags you in the chat:

Just click the confirmation button to confirm that you have read it to remove it from the “pinned status”.

… Nice one awesome ( out of like so tomorrow the +1)

It’s indeed a very nice suggestion, plain, simple and effective.

Really love this idea. Very useful for when a player has friend requests turned off. Although, the player may still not look at the chat, it could help at some points

Nice concept, I like it!


Indeed this can become a problem with even moderately active alliances indeed… storing all chat for 48h feels like a bit too much though - especially as that could accumulate to such many messages that it would be hard to even find the mention when scrolling through all of that chat log… one compromise might be to keep messages with unread mentions (and possibly 1-2 msg before/after that for some context), but that doesn’t feel completely ideal either…

I don’t remember I think in OR the text is keep for at least 24 hours but not sure its a long time I don’t have see the chat. 48 hours its maybe too much but at least keep the test for 1 day to allow everyone to follow trick and nice advice members of the alliance give between them. at 100% we miss something important because is limited by lign

It’d be like a discord chat. You get a little “1” notification, like Opelle demonstrated, and you know that someone has tagged you