Toad & Yoshi

I started playing RR2, so never did the original RR until now.

Two things I discovered playing this game

1.) It is cool to see the similarities & differences in the games.

2.) reminds me too much of Mario Bros. LOL, loved Mario Bros; but could never ever finish any of those games.

I have gone through the Aunt, and first Uncle, now at flag 23 and the third uncle, but can not even finish a level with 1 star let alone 3

and not going to spend real world money to advance the cause.

I know deep down in my heart that Toad & Yoshi will swoop in and help King Nephew get his kingdom back,

and that Flaregames will triumph to create and make RR2.


In my opinion, RR2 is just an expansion of RR1. Royal Revolt itself was just different levels of attacking, similar to the dungeon levels in RR2. This is why the second game is so much better than the first, because you can be in an alliance with other players, there is plenty communication involved, and you can learn how to play as a team! Best of all, you also can make friends in the game