Today is... pay to win

The skill is surpassed by “the subscriptions”

The changes to balance the game are correct, the same combo should not always work.

Subscription for pro tickets.
Subscription to donate.
Subscription to improve buildings.
Now, it’s all about gems, about money. 

Ability is no longer enough and now “TOP” alliances have an advantage.

Without spending money 2000 euros you can win the “tops”. 

If you don’t want to spend to many gems on your stronghold and still do enough to help your alliance, it’s probably best if you leave your buildings at level 3 or 4, I’m sure your alliance mates will understand

Agree but I don’t feel comfortable about this. I have the impression drop my teammates and not help them. Stay building at level 3 or 4 I don’t know. that force some people to buy gems package and I am not a fan of this really. Force people to buy or if you are a free player its like shout your mouth and accept to take 5 month or 1 year to upgrade this at high level. Too much gems needed in this game 

Well, you need to keep in mind that your building upgrades never go back down. So, it’s sorta like the alliance tower, wait to upgrade until you have enough gems

Enough of this bull****. Daily complaining on every single topic. Just call it quits already. Jeez.

You are quitting or you are asking those who complains to quit?

Honestly, why are people still complaining about the max levels?

If you are not in a level 80 alliance, then there is not even close to a need for the max levels. 

There are a lot of the members in level 80 alliances still don’t have max alliance tower. and if the AT is not max why do you think theses buildings should be?

Asking thise who complain to quit. 

I am also having trouble raiding and lost so many raids. But that forces me to try out new pals/spells/combos etc and makes game intresting. 

New building doesnt have to maxed in few weeks. Got them to lvl 6 and now its gonna be 4-5 months to max others since i got only daily gems running. But thats just fine.

I like the update owerall so I am gonna play ?

Exactly! Yes, I do disagree with some of the changes that were made, concerning Ceres and some spells, but overall, I think it will add a bit more strategy into the game. As of right now, what we should all do is just attack with different combos for a while until we find the one that fits best, or even just figure out several combos for different types of bases. Several things you can do to get used to this latest update

And also about the stronghold and conquest. I was a bit disappointed, at first, that you had to use gems, but now I realize that it’s not THAT big of a deal, especially now that I know your buildings don’t go back down to level 0 after every Conquest

So its your choice… you can stay and also others too have their own choices so if they want to leave they will, therefore, you should not dictate them what to do…

just like they should not spam every single topic with complains…

From where the Spam  word came from? This is not the point on which we were discussing.