Today’s offer

I never thought I could be so angry about a digital game. £399 for a stupid offer that Flare claims is worth £3990!

Is this a sick joke, outrageous greed or financial desperation?


What did they offer : play station 5 with lifetime games ?

For 399€ you buy ps 4 and with price subscription you can buy every month new game.  Think flare got completely out of mind,  or need desperately money.

If they hope lot will spent much more money on it, they have to prove they can eliminate the cheaters, fix the bugs first

750 gems only … 4 x growl… and some gear … lol seems like Flare is running low on money lol 

That is literally the worst thing you could have ever gotten as a One Time Offer. Why have the worst set-up, paired with the worst pal, and then have only 750 gems to go along. That’s a $25 price, maybe less

What currency is it?

There is no currency lol

It can be 750 beans… or even potatoes…

Wait a minute…

750 beans? Buy it now man! It’s freaking cheap!  :lol:

pretty sure it’s pounds. Looks like that’s what he’s talking about in his first post

LOL! There’s no way that’s 399 pounds! 399 pounds is 530 US Dollars. My bro got this exact offer and guess what?! It’s $4.99, a VERY reasonable price for that bad of an offer. I’d take $4.99 as a price for just 750 gems! That’s a big discount from the price for just 500 gems. So, @Moonhowler2, this must just be a bug on your end

This offer is 800 yen if it is Japanese yen

Today’s exchange rate is 800 yen is 6.16 €

This is what I got

It’s entirely possible that price changes could be based on your predicted wealth. For an example of this, try Google searching flights on a high end Apple laptop vs a junky windows, the windows one is generally a bit cheaper on average because Google knows what hardware/internet connection speed you’re using and makes a prediction on how much you can spend based on that info. More likely that it’s just a bug though, because I don’t think flare is quite that sophisticated lol

It could also be based on your geo-localisation and/or your in-game spending habits. You can play this game for free but FLARE needs money to keep it running. They won’t target whale players the same way they will target low spending players.

I guess it is also based on the amount of offers you accepted in the past.

Btw. who would not buy this package at whatever it costs!? Hello? it comes with GROWL!!!1!!!11

Gimme Archimedes instead and it’s an insta-buy for me. 

The most useless pal imo

I got the same offer and price as Royaleding2, $7.99. It’s possible price is based on king level.