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It’s been quite a while, but finally, Todesritter are searching for a few new members again. :slight_smile:


We offer:  Long-term top 10 alli, plenty of boosts, about 56% gold boost, but most important a vivid and friendly community that many members call “family” by now. Also, we’re not known for kicking loyal members if they fulfill the requirements. 

We don’t offer  hate-rivalries with other alliances, for we prefer making friends over making enemies. 


We search:  Players with 250k (preferably 500k) donation, 4k+ trophies and lvl 85+ kings that are willing and able to participate in high-lvl alliance war regularly (i.e. 5 days per war season). Additionally, you should speak/understand either English (or at least German), and be ok with a busy alliance chat. Players that don’t communicate at all will be fired quickly, but don’t be afraid, you don’t need to talk all day long, as long as we know you’re there   :grinning:

We don’t search:  Players that don’t intend doing their daily donation regularly, generally players that aren’t reliable, players that can’t bother doing at least their 3 raids per war, as well as huge “skull mines” (very high lvl kings with very weak defense), insulting people, and notorious jumpers (note: if you know you only want to join us for e.g. a month, that’s okay if you let us know in advance and be a good and loyal member while you’re there; still, we’ll prefer people staying with us “forever”). 


If you’re interested and meet the requirements (or know a good reason why wou still should become part of us), let us know! 

Whom to contact:  Write a PM to ElementG on the forum. [for now; might be updated soon with more info]



Also, if you’d like to help out in high lvl warfare sometimes, but don’t have the time and dedication to fight daily, consider taking a look here: http://forums.flareg…g-announcement/



Initial version of the post (for history :slight_smile:

We are looking for new family members to join Todesritter , if anyone interested you guys can find most of our players here in this forum

Requirements :

-3500 trophies (and level 70 king preferably)

-active Facebook account 

-preferably can communicate in either English or German (other language is good too)

-active and can make daily donation 

-can work together and give full cooperation

-can take jokes and friendly banter  


Extra donation not a requirement but of course we appreciate people spending some real money to improve the alliance level. Elite boost will only be activated in our alliance once we maxed out the alliance level.

Currently we only have 3 slot available with another one almost unlocked but we can reserve spot for those interested, members will be considered as a family and we are looking to build a strong friendship here between members.We make decision through discussion on Facebook group in almost everything so each members can voice their opinion.We don’t kick members for no reason but if someone cannot give cooperation then he/she is out because it is important to have teamwork here.

We’ll be looking to consistently be in top 10 , we’re floating around 8th to 15th with 30 slots right now as members come and go , gold boost is 35% (if you consider this as important) , we help each other with test raid videos plus tips

To apply , you can pm me here on forum or leave a comment below

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Wow this is so cool!(duh) Look everyone this alliance seems really amazing! Let’s all join(hooray)

Do not fear. We all love you.


…and if this is said by a queen…trust her!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

#don’t be a tode(toad)


What is a todesritter anyway?

its german translates to death knight and like you wouldnt join :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not looking to be a soldier serving the likes of you killemog(nothing mean intended) and I intend to soon create an alliance that will eventually rise to the top as me being the leader, in little time your buddies over at your alliance will be filling my mailbox with applications to join, just so I can make you suffer hehehe.

glad and i dont rule this alliance nor does anyone serve me :wink:


also if members chose to leave its by far their lose not alot of places as fun as our alliance chat :stuck_out_tongue:

can i join i am active player :slight_smile:

please ask by private msg :slight_smile:

I don’t know what your talking about killemog I was just saying about how good of a record by trophies fii has :grinning:

lmao fii the winks faces were a hint he got that and was trying to cover it up with a false question its quite funny when sarcasm isnt understood right.

I don’t know what youre talking about

Well just clear it up via PM (private message) instead of cluttering the Todesritter alliance thread, please. Thanks.

I was just playing around I shouldnt know about “records” king joelie had ill stop



if only i had some eggs to go with this spam! lmao


join our alliance and you can enjoy conversations about stupid things that dont really matter :wink:


Your wrong Joelie there is always a second chance, its called forgiveness, or it depends on what happened(which you don’t have to say) :grinning: