Token error

Hello i found an error of token which shortening upgrade time 1 day

1st pic :

I had 4 tokens of shortening upgrade time(i used first token at castle gate. It worked)

2nd pic :  

The upgrading time of my castle guard was below 1 day so i decided use 1 token to complete the upgrade. But it didnt work.  At first i thought i made mistake in clicking token button. so i used 1 token again and 1 more… now I’ve lost total 3 tokens. .

plz investigate of it and restore my 3 tokens. 

My ingame name is Super Sugar

I use samsung note9

RR2 version : the latest version


Yours sincerely 


Hello :slight_smile:

I just noticed that the upgrading of castle guard completed when i logged in again after 50mins

So here are my problems.

  1. When i used upgrading token it didnt work immediately so i use more token on it to make it.

  2. Ive still lost two upgraiding tokens. 


I expect token to work similar like an event. When you activate time token, any upgades started AFTER the usage of this token, will benefit from it. 

It definitely will not speed up upgrades already in progress. 

It works with upgrades in progress, I did the same for waves. The only problem is that it doesn’t display immediately you need to disconnect and reconnect to see the time decrease…

Yeah. You’re  right. I hope my two tokens to be restored… Im depressed.

The way upgrade time tokens work is with upgrades already in progress. These tokens take off 1 day of upgrade time. Not too useful if you ask me.

Someone in my alliance is having trouble with this token also. It is automatically targeting the longest duration upgrade and not letting them choose which upgrade to shorten.

Does anyone know how to choose which upgrade to shorten using this token?

click on wathever upgarding (tower,unit,etc.), then scroll right and you can see the token. Use it, the upgrade decreasses by 1day.

I have no trouble it works for what i choose.

In my opinion, the Token shouldn’t reduce by a fixed “1 day”. That’s too low.

I think it should be something like: “Reduces the upgrade time of a currently running upgrade by 50%”

That would make things more interesting.

I agreed it may be low but 50% would also be broken for the price it is sold in festivals.

I still like the one day but for one reason. :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for the event waves upgarde time Max 1day and then use all the stacked token to finish all waves lvl in solely one event!

Well it might be a bit exagerated?, but still at least 5-7 waves upgarded in solely one event is huge!

I used a token on one of my towers that had 15 hours remaining. It showed immediately without having to disconnect. I believe there is an issue with the upgrade tokens, and some people need to disconnect and others don’t. This needs to be fixed so they work the same for everyone, and those that have used multiple tokens trying to get them to work should have them replaced. What’s fair is fair.