Tokens don't work


I’am actually online on the game. My wave finish in 50 minutes. I decided to use a token time before go to sleep and restart a new update, but when I click on “use token” to finish the up, it don’t work. The cool down highlight but the time is the same… My wave is updating too, but my tokens account is reduced of 3 tokens (yes I click 3 times…I think that the token was not discount ?

Finally, I use 3 tokens to finish wave, and it don’t work ?

I think that I must open a thread about the support… 

buttinette (IGN) 


Same thing happened with me as well during first festival but I have stopped complaining now because it does not matter anymore. 

Thank you @Alumbri for the link !

@vikasbhardwaj, it’s not a reason to stop your complain. We use tokens to reduce time, and it’s not work = No normal… If you see the link of Alumbri, you can see that a player open a thread in February, and Madlen answer that the correction will be ok on the next version. We have been 4 server update since this 4th March… Why this bug was not corrected ? It is no normal that players use token for nothing…

@Madlen, have we a chance that the support give us the tokens ? We don’t know when the next version arrived…During this time, many player can be the same error, spend tokens…for nothing…

Hi buttinette,

First of all, sorry about the nasty display bug!

Yes, correct, it will be fixed with the new version. A new version is not a Live Server Update. A new version contains code changes and therefore a new upload to the stores (Apple/Google…) is required. :slight_smile:

You can surely ask support about it, they can have a closer look at your account. I don’t know what their guidelines are for such cases, but please feel free to contact them.

Thank you.

I stopped complaining becasue some players will come and start saying that stop crying without knowing what actual problem I am facing so I have stopped buying tokens so problem solved for me.

Medal token is such a waste, I should’ve bought skins if I know that it won’t work properly

Hello @meredeath26,

So sad to know that the tokens don’t works fine with ninjas events too. I think that you can write to the support to explain the bug with the photo and ask a compensation for this. It’s not normal to play on the festival and spend many time to have tokens, and obtained this.

@vikasbhardwaj, i write at the support for my problem of token time. They can’t give back the token but they send me gems in compensation…



The display bug is fixed now with version 5.0.

Please also bear in mind the update we wrote yesterday.