tokens in Chamber of Fortune

Question: how hard is it to get tokens in the Chamber of Fortune?

is it as rare as getting gems or rare as getting 3 chests without spending gems? iv only seen one time where gold token appeared but only managed to get one chest correct

It is exactly the same as gems. You can only get them in the third chest and only after having spent gems. THEN you have a 2.1% chance of getting the token. It’s a once in a lifetime event if you get a token from the CoF

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In March we got an answer for this question:

Q: Is it possible to find tokens without spending gems in the third chest?
A: No.


How do you get tokens then? Or do you just not get them?

Asking because I am new.

All 98 level I have so far reached, never have I EVER received gems or tokens from CoF… I, however, have got 800K gold, which is also a large sum… But, I think for gems and tokens, probability is actually 0…

You get tokens during the festivals. In that, you get a round pebble thing. You can exchange it for tokens.

You can find token when you open the 3rd chest with gems(one time failed) … Then you got a Chance, (look in the i) then you see this 4.2% :

With my full luck it is 4.4%

But it still means I need to spend at least ~22 times = 330 gems, to get 1 time gems + 1 token

Of course, at the same time I will get a bunch of garbage, but I do not need garbage bought for gems :upside_down_face:


I prefer to abolish the possibility to find gems in the chamber of the fortune: it isn’t worth to spend >=330 gems to find only <150 gems.

How much % do you have with the luck set?
My picture is taken with 127,36 % ( in sum 75% )

And we spend more gems than the those ones we find at the chamber of fortune.

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