Told to take a Break?

Ok… so it is last day of war. I am online talking to my generals about strategy for the day… The game tells me I have been online too long kicks me off… TELLS ME TO TAKE A BREAK? WTF  Was in middle of conversation with 4 team members? What the heck? Really?

Lmfao… I do not have any gold. And I do not care about trophies. I do care about instructing my team on a war day!!!

Honestly that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard the game do. You should talk with generals through a group chat in Line or Whatsapp or even Discord. That way there is no way you can be kicked off (other than your internet)

Pretty crazy… I cannot imagine what they are thinking as I logged off and did not come back? 

Does anyone know how long I will be forced to take this break? So I know when I can communicate with my team again?

That is why many teams have outside communication channel : fb, discord, whatsapp …

Perhaps an hour, but if you can contact through another app then you should do that

Wait, are you referring to this?

No it actually said …“You have been playing too long come back later take a break” seems it lasted 30 minutes. Able to log back in now. But how crazy. 

I had the same thing as well, I was forced to take a break before the war when I was trying to get 15 million gold doing fights so I could upgrade.

They want to prevent u from playing too long continuously… That’s good in my opinion. There’s a life outside. They give u a reminder in case u forgot  :wink: .

true, if this wasn’t in the game, players could be online continuously and not ever be attacked. It’s a good rule

Lol that’s fine but I was not on that long and it was ■■■■■■ that the time I had to play I was sitting waiting for it to allow me back on. If I had been on for over 2 hours I could understand it.


Normally you can’t be raided while online… Maybe it’s to counter some sort of bot or bug that keeps people logged in when they are not?

Maybe it’s to stop people from exploiting free/hacked food?

Maybe they truly care about your health?  :wink:

… I doubt its the later and I doubt your a hacker - so whats the reason…  :huh:


You can be attacked even if you are online if you stay on to long.

Yeah I know, that’s basically the same rule and I agree with it. It’s better actually, because it’s not forcing you to get off, but it’s gonna allow you to be like your offline

How long were you online?

The most I’ve been online was about 1h30m during the last BS event and I didn’t get such message.

Very rarely can you be online for more than an hour. It only takes 15-20 minutes (perhaps 30 at some times in the day) to do all your raids. I guess if you are talking to someone then you can be on, but the way they made the game, it is hard to be on that long, and especially hard to be on for more than 2 hours

did you have exactly this info ? it seems so chucklesome :wink:  

Yes I was not given any options, just told you have been playing to long take a break. I tried to log off and come back on but was not allowed.  My son plays the game as well and he was sitting next to me having been playing a similar time and found it hilarious that he could keep playing whilst I couldn’t.