Tomorrow! Community week

I thought I might as well open a thread for my 1-word announcement.  ?


It’s a good start…if i had to answer with one-word, I will say : and ?


What can we expect? :wink:

Wednesday!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Do we get more information about version release 5.0, including what’s new/changed?

Or even better, the new release will be uploaded to all stores?

Or worst case, tomorrow it’s the 6th of March and it is 300 days before it’s new year?

Whatever is happening tomorrow, I just hope it includes a super long blacksmith event.

Pearl madness is better, 5 times pearl value and 3 times speedup melting time. But yes, that would be best news we can get. Or a month community week, starting with blacksmith, and other nice events.

Maybe tomorrow is a new maintenance break, giving us more chests ?.

Then a fun answer, tomorrow the game is 1833 days old. 

Tomorrow! we are all healthy ? and expect something ???

… But what?  ?

Sure, that’s great too.

Whatever “new” is coming tomorrow, I’m really looking forward to a good old blacksmith event.

I honestly expect just a video, revealing almost anything. 

Oh dear…Madlen has been kicked from forums for…SPAMMING! Lol

I am excited to see what this teaser announcement reveals :wink:  



… can be funny too  ??


Its community event.

So we can relax and enjoy!!!

Community Week :slight_smile:


Hump Day!!


Sees the official annoucement:

tenor (1).gif

only to check ingame after…


tenor (2).gif

A full week of bugs! ?

crazy …  Community week!