Tons of Connection Problems and Crushes

…Crushes when it logs in the game

…Crushes when I click on a promo ad, and when it rarely plays the ad it doesnt pay the reward most of the time

…crushes when i use a chat line, and when it rarely works i cant type anything because it can t bring up the keyboard 

…crushes when i use pearls to upgrade

To sum up, it crashes whatever I do, EXCEPT when I actually play the game (during castle raids it just lags).

Either my mob is ***** (Alcatel PoP4) or your server…or both


My suggestion is to make the game crush during castle raids too so I can have a good reason to quit the game and unistall it from my mob permanently

I noticed it to… In fact there was twice the game went to the oading screen immediately after I win the battle, cancelling out any medals or chests for me to get. And this has wrecked any chances in the tournament. I am on platinum and was in 2nd place but now just about EVERY BATTLE is only giving me 19 or 20 medalions. And my ninjas just seem to drop dead as soon as the battle starts, also I am finding that regardless of my speed enhancement from a legendary pair of greeves which always made me out run all troops… I suddenly CAN NOT reach the end of any twisty level as I run out of time even if I avoid fighting and focus soully on the blockades… Its impossible for me to reach the end in time without using my mount… I am having a MAJOR second oppinion about this game and fighting the urge to trash it in the review section of google play after uninstalling it… 

U faced disconnection problems during the tournament maybe because the server was overloaded with many players raiding for medals!!!..this thing happens even with a strong server…u have to be patient. As for the other bugs, FlareGames is having a new server now and hopefully it will fix em.

As for me, Royal revolt cant even log in , and when I rarely log in successfully it crashes and throws me back to the Android main screen no matter what in-game window I tap to open.

The game lags and crashes worst than ever!!! …2 years ago I could play this game smoothly on a nokia lumia 500 and now on my alcatel pop4 cant even log in.

The RR2 creative team should take a break and let the Tech team fix all the bugs that the RR2 creative team has brought by rushing carelessly events in the game. The conquest and the discount events cause TONS of crushes!!!..during these 2 events I know I won t be playing the game at all, I cant even log in the game for more than 2 minutes it just throws me back to the Android main screen.

I cannot connect to the game. The game says that “connection could not be established” and to “check my internet” Its a damn waste of my proticket and I am not able to play and I’ll be behind in progress. I demand compensation immediately.

IGN: _ Lord_Sauron _ or if unable to find me, I’m from the alliance “Time Lords”.

I’m not one to ask for anything. but this is the longest I’ve seen a server crash. It’s effecting a lot of alliances.  You need to fix this and extend pro at least another day or replace the pro ticket. I haven’t been able to long on in over 12 hours.

Aroung 15hours without being able to connect… And it seems everyone have the same problem (at least in my alliance). And I have the same problem… Left the PL until the last day and I can not play it now…

Same problem dc every minute cant play the game like that. 

The same here… Can not log in to the game…  Wanted to finish PRO… Fix it please ASAP Flare!!!

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this severe issue. We’re looking into it right now.

hey our allies have got lots of damage due to this including personal damage to our players also like prolonging elite boosts and special war and conquest and pro boosts and daily donations for alliance, playing pro league and festivals and diamond leagues. collecting daily rewards and daily pal and conquest chests. so fix it as soon as possible and we want heavy compensation for that.