Too high trophies for ninja tiers

5600+ trophies is too high this days for lots of players that want to be at the first tier. Only 6 are above it atm…

I hope flare will reduce it to 5500+ or even lesser trophies, so more players will be able to be there.

Thanks in advance.

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top tier should be decreased definitely.

Nothing about player’s skills now.

but only about pushes and staying online for hours like an idiot…

I’d like to participate at the 5600 but i can’t i need to waste 24h of raiding to gain 4 trophies per time if i have to reach 5600 trophies for the ninja event. This is just stupid.

Hope flare will change it b4 next ninja event…:slight_smile:

Exactly!! Totally nonsense!

Good idea - maybe the king level can be taken into account (and give a little boost to trophy level). I run through the ninja event, break at the gate just to make sure I kill all the gate towers. I was way too strong for my league.

It was no challenge - but I still enjoyed it;  Easy and free rewards are always welcome. 

I would suggest, the following. Next ninja event the trophies determine the layer, when you score 100%, you promote to a higher layer. Only when you didn’t score 100%, you start at the layer of your current trophies, unless your current trophies are in a higher layer.

hey guys .
yes is good. now any peoples can beat any def and all bases weak too! my all towers +88 time forge but 4k trophys easy can beat my def with ceres pal.
hope FG make more trophys for high ninja tiers too and fix game.


Why not add 1 day before Ninja Event a kind of Ninja Event Preparation Test. Remove the tier trophy. You have just to test some defense base and the game determine in which kind of towers difficulty you can compete. By example if I have 900 trophy only but I am really too strong for the defense that was the 900 tier the game can determine I can compete more in defense in 1000 or 1500 tier,etc…

A little like Unreal Tournament the 1999 version lol. When you set it on auto detect and if you are good enough the game give you godlike difficulty but at the moment you have trouble and fail too much the auto detect drop you

in RR2 if Ninja Event have this. the rewards should be based on your performance a little like Pro league. If you reach I don’t know Islands 60 on 100 and others have fail at 50. You chance to gain 20 chest,10 uber and 10,000 pearls is yours.

Maybe just more skilled Ninja Event or like Nonstop Knight with Boss Hunt. You must reach the most far islands possible and the reward is giving by your performance

what you think? I am sure its better than trophy range tier

I will try to elaborate more on the idea :

You have by example 3000 trophy in always compete in 3000 tier. in the test the game give you tier 0-899 tower island 27 to 30. You destroy it with over 2 minutes. After the test give layouts for 1000 tier with islands 27 to 30 you pass it,after 1500,2500,3000,3500 until you fail and die. So you can have 3000 trophy but is like if you have compete in 4000 tier or higher,etc…

You guys have trouble getting into 5600 range? I thought it was too much work to get in the 3000 range. And the reason is the same for all tiers. You gain 4 trophies for winning but lose 15 if you mess up (like when it’s a high tier player in hiding or something). That’s not even talking about becoming a trophy farm yourself in the process. I ain’t got time for that.

I’ve been long suggesting doing away with this trophy requirement but I don’t know what to replace it with (my overall strength assessment method was argues against). Warriornator’s suggestion is good, though I bet some would argue that people would lose prep raids on purpose to get a lower tier (as if they don’t do that now via trophy dumping).

You’re wrong.

From what I have experienced, you can reach the 3500+ ninja tier on defense alone and the 4500+ ninja tier on boosted defense alone. Even if you don’t attack a single time during the week, you can get there on defense alone.

Maybe the top top defenses in the game can get into the 4900+ range without attacking, maybe.

For the 5300+ you will need a good bit of effort to get there AND have a very good defense.

For the 5600+ you will need an elite defense and spend countless hours attacking (and gems) to get there.


So, no, it’s not the same for every ninja tier. 5600+ is just crazy and 5300+ is kinda too much as well.

reaching 3500+ or 4500+ with only defense is a dream,not everyone are having fully forged defense to get 40 to 50 trophies @ once from a player.

and these days offense is more powerful than defense.

Sure, you can get to 3500+ tier on defense alone. If you’re actually a 4000+ tier and have dropped below 3500 that is. Or you have someone dumping trophies on you.

Going by trophies gained from players in your range (~3k in this scenario) you’d need to have lots and lots of visitors that don’t get a single crown to actually gain anything by legit defending.

Now no one over 5600… flare responde plz!

Only 1 player has more than 5500 trophies in this moment. Roaring Lions, Apocalypse and Vanguard Legion are in crisis.

?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️try to reach 5600)

i think what you meant to say is:

can’t reach 5600.

what does this mean? just play lower tier.

what a tragedy!!! need to make a lot of complaint post.

A day and a bit left to see if anything will change.
maybe if there is only 1 player at 5600, they can get first place with 0 coins :wink:

Who care?)