Too many currencies

We have gems, gold, vouchers, pearls, pal treats and crystals. That’s alot of currencies, (not including ninja and lion coins) and frankly, they’re not very well explained. When I was a low level, I used to ignore pearls because I thought that forging items was the only thing you could do with them, and why do that if you’ll just find a better one later? I wish it was mentioned that spells, units and towers could be forged in the (rather limited) tutorial. 

I see some clearly new users sometimes in the forum asking questions about “blue gems” or “purple gems.” Yeah, it’s confusing as heck! I don’t see any way of consolidating the ones we have, but can we have each currency explained a little better at the beginning of the game? And please, don’t make any more. The kind of content that would necessitate yet another currency is really not needed anyway. 

I would remove the vouchers completely.


But not yet, I still have gems to buy with those.

Why? its very useful in the game. You can buy food for Diamond League, you can obtain gems. Over 5K gems I think, you can obtain worker,etc… player can unlock 3rd troops or 3rd spell slot with voucher. Really useful for a free player who don’t want to pay any money. Remove voucher and you kill the free to play. Ok still player can accumulate gems but you remove the chance to help player with voucher.

I think its the inverse there not enough voucher in the game. The game should offer more voucher to allow us to have fun spend them and buy special items or stuffs. Not easy like gold but should allow someone to accumulate like I don’t know easy 2,000 per month and not per year 

The entire point of vouchers is to offer an incentive for players to get their friends into the game. If you don’t do that, you shouldn’t be getting much vouchers. 2000/month is easy if you get a lot of people to use your friend code.

Which, by the way, should not change. It makes no sense that we don’t have a dedicated friend code like literally every other game. I’d post my code around alot more if it didn’t change every 3 hours or some shite. Another odd and kinda stupid flare decision.