Too much betray expectations from young Bella

Why did not give her a cute element!

Young Bella makes a provocation with a tongue out, holds a mouth with a hand and laughs and it’s cute…

If she becomes an adult。。。 This threatens with a cry that is not a bat。Eyes are on the increase。。。。。。

I wanted a bat’s beast **BUT! **“Cute is justice” …Elements that users want to collect are “useful” “cute” “cool”

It’s awful

Have you bought bella . It drains health so can you tell me does the hero health increases after bella drains health. I want to know does bella gives health to hero.

Like the “Vampire Cup” of the Pro League…When Bella of Pal demonstrates special abilities”Heart’s broken symbol”This is displayed above the enemy unit’s head.

She absorbs the enemy’s physical strength and returns it to the hero. “Life Drain”


Cute is justice… No Gemu No Laifu reference, eh? :wink:

As for the Bela beast design, it looks…weird. Like it fell into one of doctor Fronckensteen’s vats and cross-mutated with a rug or something. But it’s a general trend among beasts. Tammy is a cute panda and beastifies into an ugly-ass hulk. Eldrak/Nidhogg change into a bouncy balloon with wings. I think the only beast that has an actually cool design is Bucky, but that’s just me.