too much blatant...

Hello, This is Dave le Grand , Leader of  “Les Français”  I feel a little disappointed there. FlareGames can explain to me why we are 5 teams between 43 and 45 fiefs and 6th to 93 fiefs? We were motivated and prepared to fight to defend our maximum opportunity to win the dragons and fight for 1st place. The groups are supposed to be a minimum balanced and when we discover map … There is the world wide 1st alliance Apocalypse aside. I do not see at all what they are doing here and they are destroying all the chances of the other teams fight for 1st place .You tell me, there is another bonus, but spend millions in diamonds champions and activations bonus for being second at best is very disappointing and unfair. I never allowed myself to criticize and begging, saying you always doing your best to improve the game, with successes and failures but that unfairness is too much obvious here ! Are there Flaregames developers in the team Apocalypse? Because I see no other reason for this advantage given to them .Apocalypse failed to glean the fire dragon in the last war, so we give them the ice dragon this time condemning the … 5 teams competing with them!  Can we also fight with teams that have 50 fiefs less? .Oooh … No it is not possible we have only 43 … This injustice seems too obvious and I allows me to denounce it. You just demotivate dozens of players who each gave hundreds of euros for this game! All to benefit a team .We are happy to pay because we take pleasure in this game but if it’s to be ripped off you will not see us any longer, neither we nor our euros … Half of my members left at this time, helping other teams, disgusted with this turn of events I hope at least an apology, but do not try to find justification, please, injustice too much blatant …Dave le Grand , Leader of  “Les Français”

sorry to hear that Dave, I guess for the top 30 alliances the map are random

Random seems to be a great friend of Apocalypse …

" Silence is guilty "     …            Thanks FlareGames for the confirmation

 Man you are very mistaken with your analysis. No one understands how and why we are thrown randomly. We take no pleasure fighting ghosts. How would you feel playing against a team standing no chance? BORING…I don’t need dragons or other things as I can crush any base with a combo which doesn’t requires the new units.So…

    What I can tell you for a fact is that Flare entered into a huge trouble with those boosted whatever, as the balance for the game is in a big trouble.From the defense to attack… 

    Because they wanted their money ,Flare offered randomly boosted units to keep people busy spending and upgrading.Which we all know the only way to get money is to make people spending.So now everything went out of control and Im not sure how Flare will fix this? Everybody crushing everybody at the top .No base is safe anymore …the Dragons are just a different thing .Why would you need a unit when the ones you have does the job perfectly fine as they are?

   So Flare didn’t put us with you guys to make our life easy.Boring yes but nothing else.

Loool , that’s why you have lost more trophees  than won when you farmed me :wink:

Apoca made 245 attacks on my base during 2 rounds . I  only loose  200 trophies and it is thanks to you if i loose so few . Otherwise I think i should loose 500.

Your argument can fool others but not me…


I do not believe groups are made randomly and don’t try to make me believe this…the string is too big.

Yes , i 'm curious to see a video.  :lol:


So please don’t give me humility lesson. You don’t fit well this cloth.

Enjoy dragons FG gave you . This time you will not have to cry against IL cheating …


And you’ re wrong when u said we  didn’t cross the 20.000 skulls mark . You even don’t know to look a history ? We didn’t play. To be exact 1 player fought so we didn’t cross 3000 skulls…


Oh , by the way , you said  ‘‘How would you feel playing against a team standing no chance? BORING’’ .        Your sufficiency is just unbearable. Do you know you are not alone in this game ?!

So i would say                     ''How would you feel playing against a team with no chance to win ? BORING "  

Umm war is hard, every alliance gets thrashed from time to time due to fiefdom matchups. U just get up & make your team stronger

Yes , I know that Azrael . :slight_smile:

Just imagine to fight with an alliance with 50 fiefs more than you ? (It should be Immortal legend for your alliance) . But sometimes (more at the beginning of wars) we fought against very weakest alliances and i know they felt the same thing.

The only thing i ask , is  to fight against alliance with quite the same power . Is it too much asked ? I don’t think so .

First of all, congrats to working hard and reaching the “top region” where the realms of senseless crappy random war matching takes over completely! 


Then, this phenomenon has been there for over 3 or 4 months now, and rest assured others got hit harder and more often than you during that time. Be it facing 4 other alliances with each 30-50 more fiefdoms on the same map, be it facing most of SK faction for 6 out of 8 seasons in a row despite huge fiefdom gaps, be it many other horrible matchings… I know, that doesn’t make this particular map any better or your “clear in advance”-defeat any easier to accept, but just saying you’re not the first one facing this shit, nor the last one… 


Yet, still flare did not even EVER comment on that random matching AT ALL, their latest (!) official saying is still the one from many many months ago “by fiefdoms only”, despite many topics bringing up the issue and proofing the official saying wrong… you may take a look at those if you want to, they still exist. 


I wish everyone fairer maps, but I am not sure that is any important to flaregames. 


By the way, I’ve already seen alliances with -2 fiefdoms (yes, less than zero fiefdoms!!), so who knows? There may also exist alliances with -7 fiefs :lol:

@Florian : This is not the first time Les Français are matched with top alliances with way more fiefs than them (I remember them with IL, NATO and Roaring Lions on the same map).With this post, I think Dave  wanted to support what is being said for a long time… and add his voice :grinning: