Too much connection problem..



I have too much connection problem in my game. I lost time in pro league also please so my problem… I m in trouble…


contact support here

Probably something on your end. Have there been storms or anything over where you are?

Since the last server breakdown 1 month ago. No problem since. Maybe on your side

It’s not my side. My network work properly… there is game connection issue not else… I m regular player of this game. But then I m had too much connection problem in last week… so please give setisfy answer…??

Have you gone to the link that Kamakshya gave you? If not, you should. If it’s not on your end then they’ll help you

I don’t think that’s answer helping me or solve my issue…  I lost my pro league fights and my time also… ?

When you spot a bug, as you claim this one to be, you should always report it to the support team. They’ll try and get it back for you

I think this this thread should be closed . Complaining again and again without reaching to the support team is annoying  :grinning:

Else provide me extra ticket…


I have seen people try to get more time in a Pro League in order to cheat and get higher placement, or even do what he is now suggesting: An extra ticket

If you want the free ticket or free time back, you should contact support about your problem and then give them some sort of proof to help them get rid of the bug