Too much effects

Can RR2 reduce the effects/graphics of the game? Ever since the alliance boost update, the effects have been too much IMO. It’s quite messy to look at.

  1. AOE stun effects of ogre w/ shacking effects.

  2. Wolf AOE howl aura.

  3. Elite boost aura. ---->instead of an aura, can you put a gold plating on the tower / obstacle / army. I think it would be much cooler.

  4. Shacking effects of some skills


Even my friends are saying that the game is too painful to watch due to it’s effects.

In all my life as a gamer, this is the first time I have seen someone complaining for too MUCH graphics, that’s a new milestone ! EA & Ubi’s gamers would kill you for teasing them like that  :wink:

For me, the only reason of accepting a simplification of some graphics would be to run the game more smoothly, since I among many others have noticed some lagging, especially when a few hundreds of troops are all running during a high level raid. 


The best way to solve this without having everyone arguing is if Flare adds a button that toggles “enhanced graphics” on and off on the settings menu. 


Will they do it? Probably not considering that there a million more suggestions yet to be answered but who knows

I would say the opposite, it’s too low for pc xD

Agreed, but it is not a pc game tho.


Too many effects for a small phone, not enough for a large pc. With my tablet, I think its perfect


Toggle button is a great suggestion. I think all will benefit for that.

As a gamer, i personally prefer gameplay over graphics. (we have our own preferences)

There are even times that too much troops running on the paths will result to button failures. 


EDIT: I mean too much effects, not too much graphics. Sorry for that.,