too much repetitive scrolling to choose an opponent to attack in a war

This is gonna sound like pretty minor but I think it would bring me as much relief and satisfaction as the donate all  troops button or maybe even the meltdown button! It wouldn’t add functionality but would make it much more pleasant.

I waste a lot of time choosing who to attack in a war because it’s not convenient to do - it could be made easily (I think) MUCH more convenient. I go to the war screen with the list of players in an opposite team. It starts at the top of the screen with players with the highest number of trophies, so I scroll down (scroll scroll scroll scroll) to the trophy range that I’m targeting. In that range I click on a player to check his/her path or player level as often time it’s more representative of the player defense difficulty than the number of trophies itself. If I think it’s too risky (player level is too high for example), then I go back to the player list to check another player. However it doesn’t get back to where I was looking at in the list, it goes back to the top of the list. So I have to scroll back again to where I was (scroll scroll scroll scroll) and keep doing this until I find a good target. I could easily check 5 players before I find a good target. It would be nice be back to where we were in the player list and not to start off the top of the list again.

Might not be very useful for a top player who keeps targeting players with the highest number of trophies (i.e at the top of a war team player list) but it would make it much easier for everyone else who picks an opponent based on something else than trophy number. War attacks can already be a drag so if we can make the strategy of picking an opponent a bit less laborious that’d be great.  :grinning:



There are “next/previous” buttons in the enemy path screen for quicker navigation.

But game forcing you to scroll down entire lists when you return to them is annoying indeed, moreso even in the player search. An excellent way to make things more tedious than they should be. The lists are buffered anyway so why not actually remember what’s in the buffer and return to the point on the list that you viewed last?

Thanks I am not sure that I’ve noticed that before - will look into it at the next war. Hopefully that’ll make it less tedious but still going back to the same place in the list that we were at seems pretty intuitive and easy to implement - completely agreed with your buffer comment.