Too much troops

Hi, this screenshots I did in my own defence with first wave, so charon towers can not work. In 1 wave I can have max. 1 phoenix and 6 spearmen. Why there is 12 spearmen? If this troops are in blessing, is almost impossible to defeat such enemy. But we meet it often. Sometimes we meet also phoenix, medusa and 2 spearmen. It is also more than 20 in weigh of 1 wave, if maximum is 20. It seems, that spearmen go 2x in 1 wave.Please repair this bug. 


Game always summon two spearman in place of calling one.

Plus such oppponents are what you fight all the way to first rank corita.

They are easy to beat so don’t worry about it.

It is war blessings that are making base tougher.

Ok, we thoughit is bug. Thanks for answer.


really??? summon two spearman ??? Why have not this all player??? so, if I have in wave 1 spearman, then after somebody attack my Olymp, must fight with two spearman??? So if I fill my wave only with spearmans, 8 spearmans = everybody who attack me must defeat 16 spearmans??? ?.

I try fill 2 spearman in wave, but in fight are only 2 spearman, not 4!!!  So I THINK THIS IS A GREAT BUG!!!

It could be that the 6 spearman from the wave behind have caught up - they often do because they are one of the fastest troops, and many put them behind a phoenix wave so that when the phoenix dies, it resurrects 12 rather than 6. I think this is the answer here.  Also a ‘test’ on your own defence will activate the charon towers; as it’s a test as any enemy would find your base FYI.

Try summoning a spearman when you attack. 2 come out. It’s always been that way. 

Yup, that’s what Masters @ataide & @dumpster told us last year:

It’s a feature, not a bug, hence moved to Attack & Defense.

I give spearman only in one wave, with griffin.

And I try my defense, and I dont see the 2 spearman.

The griffin ate the rest. 

maybe eat the other one spearman. he was hungry

This must be a bug, to call it a feature I don’t get it… no wonder so many bases have all phoenix + spearman at the top lvl.

This game has many undocumented features…

thanks all for answer

Indeed it does but…a spearman is stated as ONE morale point yet in attack and defence it is clearly worth ONE HALF of a morale point - I’m not going to start an argument by saying whats better 4 spearman or 1 archer (as circumstances are always different - but 4 spearman way more combined health + att!).  No wonder people have so many spearman in def and commonly att with spearman!! If it’s not a bug it should show half morale point in description- my waves now changed to all have spearman until this strangeness is clarified, as it doesn’t make sense.

Do you not use spearmen or something? Seriously?

@dumpster not much as they are relatively weak…but now I understand that you get double the amount stated, it makes them well OP! 14k health for a single one =28k for 1 morale point is excessive. I can’t believe that it was meant this way given a 2 morale point blessed archer has about 10k health. You may say it’s a feature, but this needs some dev clarification and an amendment to the STATED morale value. 

Had I known this I would’ve put more effort into oddessy when spearman appeared as a choice. @Madlen

its Pretty good to experiment with all units, I think. That’s how you get better. Spearmen are useful, particularly in situations where you have a need for a one morale unit. But they’re far from overpowered. The game has good balance on all the units.

But you’re in a high ranked alliance, don’t you guys talk strategy with each other? If you don’t its probably a good thing to start. You can’t ignore everyone and think you know everything about the game either!  

I told you like 6 months ago to use spearmen because you were failing on nyx towers, did you just not even try it?

I shouldn’t have to consult players to understand the basics of the game…morale point = troop numbers are fundamentals in attack and defence, and the fact is currently the spearman enigma morale value is MISREPRESENTED. How many players never use the forum but play the game.  Like you say, I am in a high rank alliance and around#100 global ranking, but had no idea of this BUG. 

I experiment with troops based on how much health+ att a troops gets per morale - so to now understand through bug or feature that the spearman is twice as good as stated is quite amazing.  I could blame my attention to detail, but really is it my job to trust the devs to have got their numbers right allowing for yet more loopholes for the ‘smart’ players to take advantage of…

For me the numbers of morale to health /att all scale quite well for balance in relation to all troops  - but knowing that a spearman is actually double those values does make him OP - why does everyone seem to use them in def and att, and yet they appear on face value to be the weakest= exploit # x.