Tools to analyse damage and speed

would it be possible to implement ingame informations for different damage sources done to heroes. like moving meanvalues of % fractions (like a cake-chart, but maybe as an inner ring to the total health) of the last second(s). at least for the 3-main sources represented by their corresponding color
something like "the last ā€¦ attacks done to you caused 23% normal damage, 40% ice damage, 15% poison ā€¦ rest are other damage.
[and if you are nice, also speed bars for movement and attack rate. maybe also strength if you ever plan a weakening element in future.]

so when you move towards apollos this will change ofc. when you face the GK this will change. so players get a chance to see what is causing problems or why they cant proceed further in the game.

and include such informations - damage done to the GK - in the battle logs. it is sad, that we cannot see what caused problems in our builds. [at least if the GK would survive he could tell us.]

i mean - as an example: yesterday a player complained that he could not do odyssey any more as his heros also dies on very low skulls.
after more than 15min of asking what he thinks that is the problem, where he can do something, where he dies, is is the path (dying, time, gk). and some tips to improove, i gave up.
maybe i also just got trolled, i hope not.

@NaN are you seeking overall info just so u could build your own game? :laughing::laughing::laughing:
Btw, when you do 100+ daily fights, you donā€™t have the time and the energies to go through analytics lol


:joy: interesting thought - to be honest i have already thought about programming my own autoplay and just sit back and do nothing anymore. but even if i think that it would technically be manageable, i dont have the time for that. :laughing:

and for forging for best perk combinations and strategies, maybe there can also be a small tool written that could help. but this has also nothing to do with the above question / idea (which is not new, i assume)

so that was not my intention - i do have plans what to do (unless they change the setups again).

my intention was to give player who need it a better chance to improve on their own.

edit: or do you mean - go back farming instead of writing here :crazy_face::laughing:

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