Top 10 Alliance <Deutschland> now recruiting

Hi guys our Alliance <Deutschland> is at the moment recruiting due to inactivity of some players.


If you wanna join us you need to be able to beat 4500 trophy guys in order to make at least 2500 skulls in each war and also make a donation of minimum 250k. You have to donate daily :wink:


If you meet this requirements you wont be kicked for higher players.


What you get from us is help and advice with your base or any other questions and of course a lot of boosts :wink:


Hurry up and text me, we wanna fill up the space before next war to kick some asses and claim all the free boosts for us.


If there are any questions open feel free to send me a private message.

rename your alliance, hahaha!

already did a request. i would be gratefull if you would delete your post since its unnecessary to post something like that in the alliance recruitment thread

Is this the same alliance? If yes, please tell us. We should take open only 1 topic…  :grinning:

We have slots open at the moment :slight_smile:

only 5 more slots for active kings only :slight_smile: