Top 10 Tips for Conquest

Royal Highnesses,

We have just released a video on our YouTube channel with 10 tips for the conquest. Enjoy!

Now go ahead and destroy your foes!


Thx for this ?

These kind of videos are what we need as extra information. Very good, keep it coming Madlen.

It is really hard without wiki for newbies.

I am of a decent king lvl,so i dont need to worry about these things.

I hope they provide wiki or update it

Here some tips how to play Conquest without wasting your time:

  • Send out scouts in both directions to find the other two alliances you share a border with as quick as possible.
  • After you found them, contact them immediately. Try to arrange a peace treaty that you wont attack each others towers so both alliances can get the rewards for their players. Including the second tier there are enough fields so all can get all the rewards including the healing tent if they just get all fields in their quarter.
  • We had last time all the boosts as we finished first. It is not worth going for them. Just try to get the chests, gold and the tent!
  • Don’t break a treaty just because a single player from the other alliance attacks you. You will never reach all players in an alliance, some just don’t read the chat. Contact the other alliance and ask them. If you see a player from your alliance attacks someone, contact the other alliance and explain the situation.

Does this work? Of Course, we did it last time. Once we realised how to play it, we were able to enjoy it. Takes away the stress from the game, you can still attack through normal matchmaking and we were able to make new friends.

Try this way, you wont regret it.

Have fun!

This video was not done by me, but by one of our staff members. I agree - he did a great job, I will let him know! :slight_smile:

Make a number of unread/total messages near sticky-note chat

And VIP the same

Haha. A good one, although a cheat…