Top 100 alliance: United Lions is searching for strong members. (at time of posting rank 91)

Hi, Currently we are at rank 91 and have 1, almost 2 open slots. We search Kings and Queens with 3000 or more trophies and donating 100k eich day and willing to upgrade. What we have for you is; - a social and interactive alliance, we are willing to climb up as much as we can, but also just want to have fun. - base tested regularly if you like - boosts are activated in weekends, we want to activate them more often once everybody upgraded their towers enough. - we have our own facebookpage :slight_smile:

Congratulations united lions!!!

Thnx Silver!

We reached rank 80, goldboost 33 % and have 1 open slot!

1 open slot!

1 open slot :slight_smile:

2 open slots!

goldboost 35%

tough barricade runs 24/7

Archer boost runs 14/7

weekends extra boosts

required: 150k daily donation, dedicated member who likes to have fun, and climb up further in rank with us:)