Top 100, L34 Alliance - The Swords of Tyr

Top 100 Alliance seeking for active members to join.

Entry Criteria:

100k donation, 3000 trophies.

3 good fights on each war front

Donates daily

Absence can be tolerated only if prior notice is given to generals/leader

As of now,

Alliance info

  • rank 98 with 3 free slots meaning we could be in the 80s range

  • L34

  • Gold boost at 37% and will increase if we fill the 3 spots

Elite boosts

  • barricades

  • Knights

  • archers

  • cannons

Only active players meeting the requirement should apply. For donors at 50k and 75k, if you have intention and plan to upgrade within the coming month, feel free to post here and we can try you out.


Can we speak please?