Top 20 Alliance Recruiting

_ **Couple slots opened, pm me your info if you wish to join** _


Our alliance is top 20 and currently seeking active new members. We have a very active facebook page and are a close knit group. Our top members are dedicated and stay even when headhunted by higher alliances, not that there’s a lot of em


We have one or two slots that open up every so often, so if you would like to join pm me here and Ill send your request to our leaders and tell you exactly which alliance I am speaking of :slight_smile:


Requirements vary depending on our mood, but typically we take friendly active members who donate daily and…


4000ish trophies with 150k donate

3500ish trophies with 250k donate

any trophy level with 500k donate :wink:


We keep barricade and archer boost active 24/7 and other boosts are voted on by the members, usually activated on the weekends.  PM me if interested, thanks

Bump. We will have a couple slots opening up soon. I am leaving the original post requirements as is, however keep in mind we are getting slightly less choosy with our last couple slots. If your donate level is atleast 150k, shoot me your name regardless of trophy level and well see if we have room for you.


Thank you for your consideration

I would like to join, i started just a few days ago but i am really active

Hey guys, our members are leveling us up at amazing speeds. Got a new member slot, with more on the way. If you meet the requirements, or are even close give me your info. We arent picky, so long as you are friendly and active. Nothing under 150k donate tho. Thanks guys =)


And yes, we are still top 20. Big dogs havnt pushed us down yet  :grinning: