Top 20 ninja event without spend gems ?

To the moment I am top 19 so it Is normal to be at This place without buy (i use 20 gems to go more speed at the last ship ok)

P.S. I am in 3000/3500 trophies, but I Win 300 trophies in 3 days

If you dont use gems for the coins located in the CoF you can expect to be far in the leaderboard. It all depend of the players in your tiers. Last event, i missed one Cof because of the crash and finished at 27th place ( I used gems at other CoF)

19th ! But in a chest I had the same object That the last one…

Same but a bit better. There seem to be a problem with uber chest tought, I saw a lot of players saying they alway get the same items. I got the Tremor boots twice in my last three chest.

Yes I think That we must have an free uber chest in compensation ?

I used gems just until I got Ninja coins in Cof. 3 crowned all 30 islands but, because of 5 CoF crashes I finished in 12th place :slightly_frowning_face:  2500 lost pearls, chests and 2 or 3 ninjas

You are losing 2 ninjas… It is very bad because at the place  19, I have pratically the same awards…

it’s impossible to finish in top 10 without spending gems or u must be the luckiest person in this event to get all cof coins.

Well I have got the Same Uber Item THRICE. Tactician’s Floret, Tactician’s Floret, Tactician’s Floret.

Sold one, Will melt one, & keep one.

I spent like 200/300 gems for first place, meaning 6k pearls, 8 uberchests and 5 sucky ninja’s. Very well worth the small price.

you should be happy you didn’t encounter with the evil in that chest. Like uber gold coins & uber food ?

Uber Gold would have given me more gold. Would be happier with that.

Anyway, I don’t even use that sword.

I think its possible try to remember the pattern of COF everytime. Keep a note on it. You will 100% secure the first chest i assure you that.

I have noted the Top left chest has the highest success rate for me.

Another thing I have noticed is, That Your LUCK DETERIORATES as you Level up! & I am totally sure about it.

Also the cooldowns, if you are busy for 6hrs + 8hrs sleep, you can’t really avoid spending gems if you are eyeing the top spot.


There’s easy ways to reduce the burden of cooldown. Well you need to do the accurate calculation after you pas the 7th island. It becomes easy.

Make good use of your gems & complete the event within a day.

We Will see ?

what’s the max possible percentage of luck ? in addition to normal game Rates in COF?

You can get 6 items with luck. My luck on those items is at 14.5-15% at level 130 of the hero, for level 110 it would be around 11-12%.

Basically, I think that 100% is possible, but to prove it - I need 1 more item xD As for 110 or so leveled heroes, 75-80% should be max, unless you spend a few months (or a few BS events, like a new one) overforging luck items.


so it would be mandatory to find this kind of set to save a lot of gems in event like the ninjas… Hope that luck works there too…

In the 1st ninja event i used 2 items with 18,5% combined. I got 9 misses.
In the 2nd ninja event i used no luck item and got 4 misses. :grinning:

They are great in normal gold raids, though.

Did i understand you right, that the luck % is not determined by the item level, but the king level when you get the perk?
That would explain, why i got 9,x% luck on 125ish uber boots (was around level 100 when i got them). From the item level
alone i would expect maybe 13%+ luck.