Top alliances?

The guys from the top alliances, it’s interesting to see how the season of war is going with you. How many skulls does each player receive and the alliance? Throw off the pictures please, I think many would be interested. What percentage of skulls do you average?     P. S. In advance, thanks for the answers! ???:v:



all going well for top alliances, as always

In this I have no doubt that you are all right! ?Just wondering how many skulls you make, and what bonus skulls the participants have. Do you have a Cromka1 bonus skulls?:) 

Forget about that info as per them it is classified information.

What’s so secret about this?? Here is my % of skulls :))

Most make over 1350 a raid not counting CoF. I think the minimum is 32.5 to 33% for a top 4 team. Being able to get 100% is important too. 

My Skull bonus isn’t classified. I’m at 32.9 and It takes 2 weeks to go up 00.1 percent at a cost of 5,000 pearls a week.

You have a good%? And did you get pro-things from you on the bonus skulls? At me yet it is impossible: (Here these things as you see on fifteen time forged, and the skull all does not drop out (

No, I invested a lot into my Skull gear before Pro. I’m stuck with what I have now.

Cromka1 never answered, apparently it really is classified information!???

After will be more fun) like 0.1 is 40 forges)

I will probably stop at 34% I’m not sure yet.

33.5 to 34 is like 40 forges each item) 200 000 pearls

33-33.5 bs like 20 forges 100 000 pearls

Not so many, so hope you will reach


Some weeks are a little hard but I can keep skull gear and my base forged. It’s just the time that it takes to get there. I spent a good bit in Blacksmith too, but now most of my gems is helping the alliance upgraded. 

Only subs will help alliance

i like to have a lot of subs in alliance)

I’m happy were I’m at and you need 50+ buying I think to be worth it.

Its depends of goals

if goal to make alliance max level- 25-30 subs are enough i think


btw i think not good idea to force make subs

I’m just waiting on offers or deals. I bought one of those 50% off the 20k packages last week.  I wouldn’t mind buying the sub, but you need a good bit of people to make it work and I’m behind on upgrades right now too. I don’t want to farm for the gold to donate 3 times a day. We will be 76 after war and I hope close to 77 by the end of the month.

i still think this levels are not so worth

I also experiencing same, can not forge pro item with skull perk. Can someone confirm that it is possible? Or maybe it is some king of bug that prevents skull perk on pro items?

after reforging one of my friend did get skull perk in a pro item…