Top level Player Question

Hi there, I do ok in the game. I created Blue Line alliance and we are currently 10-12th depending on the changes going on. So we started experimenting with boosts to towers and what not. My lower level members 25-35 are gaining trophies like crazy. Ive had guys jump 200-400 trophies with these bonuses on over a little more than a day. All this is great. 

Ive put a lot of time and honestly too much money into the game and my own personal gain from these bonuses are minimal. I am level 47 I have upgraded a lot of defenses and spend all my upgrades now on them. I cannot beat my defense with any of my heroes using revives or invocations. I have one hero I win with sometimes but it takes a few tries. I have copied defenses I have gone against that I found hard to beat.

Ok so that is a lot about me, where is the question right? WHY AM I NOT GAINING ANY TROPHIES! I am at 1880 or so right now. When we decided to get all the bonuses that have benefited so many of my members I was at 1866. I have had one instance where I logged in and showed positive movement. However I received a reward for completing a defense challenge where I prevent members from attacking me so obviously I am winning some battles.

I am lost, there are so many people in the 2,000 trophy range that are 10-15 levels lower than me. My entire map is filled with guys in the top alliances and everything on their islands are boosted. If I am to beat them I have to use invocations and then my trophy reward is 2-5 trophies. I feel like I am getting screwed.

So if there are some high level players out there with some insight that don’t mind sharing their experience please message me here or below are my other contacts. I really like this game but feel like I am missing something or maybe I leveled myself too fast…



game name-cmilliorn

Line Chat id-cmilliorn

the vast majority of trophies are won on defense. I had to play around with many different types of towers, units, pathways etc before I started to see a steady gain. 

unfotunately you are not a part of alliance so can’t really share secrets but to be honest there really isn’t any just trial and error

Will give some info (just my experience could be different for others), try building a base more focused on slowing the enemy down (ortho) - create loops

upgrade towers to a point invocation scylla won’t knock em down with one strike. 

upgrade upgrade upgrade units, try different unit combinations. Pair a heavy hitter with medusa

personally not a fan of Prometheus and iaptos towers

its frustrating I know - feels like a roller coaster ride at times. stick with it - you’ll get it figured out ?

Thanks for that, Ill keep trying. 

Hi I just played this game for a week and now I’m 2100. 

I don’t feel like there’s any big secrets to it. Just make a good defense since that’s where you’ll gain most trophies. Don’t attack people with alot of boosted defenses. Attack people you know you can easily beat.

100% agree with @macamus comment

Alrighty, I guess maybe I complained too soon or got lucky. I have 3 builders and have been doing nothing but upgrading my defense and last night I gained 106 trophies…Thats my first time of actually making gains though and I keep expecting to lose it next time I log in. Thanks for the help guys. 

There are few tricks to know but don’t ask for that on forum, your game experience will be spoiled, try and try and learn by yourself. Earn trophies at high level ascension is harder than at low level. Make a good defense first, forget the “economical” building, they obviously aren’t worth it.

A good alliance which can afford permanent blessings is crucial too, without that, forget the ladder :grinning:

Hi, I’m currently taking a break from the game but from my experience I won most of my trophies because of my defense. I was in Hades and I hovered around top 10-25 we had all buffs and I talked to some people that attacked me and the used more than 10 gems to beat me. I would only get like 1-3 trophies from attacking. Just make a beefy defense buddy :slight_smile:  

Just logged on out of curiosity and gained 99 trophies and 20 gems :grinning: